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How to level up fast in MW2

Updated: May 20, 2023 10:27 am
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Advancing to higher levels in Modern Warfare 2 not only unlocks more rewards but also allows players to elevate their Prestige status. If you’re seeking a challenge or simply aiming to expedite your level progression, there are strategies to level up faster in MW2.

For those eager to skyrocket their rank in Modern Warfare 2, we have compiled a set of effective techniques below. While leveling up still requires time and effort, our expert tips will significantly streamline the process, allowing you to reach your goals more swiftly.

MW2 – How to level up quickly

There are a few options you have when it comes to quickly gaining XP in Modern Warfare 2. You can run around with the weapon you want to level up, work on completing contracts, play DMZ, own a copy of Warzone, take advantage of XP weekends, and play with teammates. There are enough ways to earn experience that you can focus on one of them or all of them in order to raise your level.

Use the weapon you want to level up

The best way to raise your weapon level is to just use it. By ensuring it’s part of your loadout, you’ll have access to it in matches. Depending on what match type you play, you’ll either begin the game with it or you can purchase it when you have enough credits in the game. You’ll gain experience points doing numerous things during a game. Killing enemies, assisting allies, planting bombs, opening chests, escaping storm circles, and winning matches all award you with XP.

While getting kills is a pretty standard way to raise your level, it isn’t your only option. Just make sure that no matter what you’re doing in a match, you have the weapon you want to level up equipped while you’re doing it.

Complete contracts

Once you drop into a match, you can collect contracts as sort of side missions to your main objective. The game offers five to choose from and completing them will reward you with XP. Many will have you fight enemy players while others you can do without firing a single shot. However, no matter which contract you choose, you’ll gain bonus XP while doing them.

Again, make sure you have the weapon you want to level up equipped while you take part in contracts. If you want to fight players, you can pick up a Bounty contract and hunt down a specific player. Killing them will earn you additional XP. Whereas, Most Wanted has players track you down, but it’s a risky contract to pick up. If you survive, you gain a lot of XP, but it’s challenging as everyone is specifically searching for you. On the flip side, if you kill the Most Wanted target, you also gain XP.

More passive contracts include Safecracker. This will see you search for three safes to crack. Once you complete the contract, you’ll gain XP and bonus cash as well.

Play DMZ

One of the best ways you can rank up is to play DMZ. During matches, you’ll spend your time completing objectives all of which give you XP. Along the way you’ll be fighting soldiers and if you make it out alive, you can exfil from the map and escape with quite a lot of XP.

Own Both Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone

You can earn additional XP by owning copies of Warzone and Modern Warfare 2. By having both, you’ll be rewarded Premium XP. Once you complete a match in either game, you’ll be awarded the extra points, and no additional work is required.

Take advantage of Double XP Weekends

Every now and then Infinity Ward and Activision will reward players with a Double XP Weekend. This simply grants bonus XP to players who log in and play matches of Warzone or Modern Warfare 2 during the time.

Team up with friends

Now, this one comes with a catch as it only works for PlayStation owners. Those who own Modern Warfare 2 on the system and play with friends at a party will receive 25% weapon XP.

These are the best ways you can earn additional XP in Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone. The key takeaway is to always use the weapon you want to level up no matter what. Do that and you’ll move up through the ranks in no time.

Is leveling up in MW2 easy?

The ease of leveling up in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 largely depends on your individual skill, experience, and playstyle. While some players may find it relatively easy to level up quickly, others may face more challenges. Factors such as the amount of time you invest in the game, your familiarity with the maps and game mechanics, and your ability to consistently perform well in matches can all contribute to the speed of your progression.

What is the max level in MW2?

The maximum level in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is 70. Upon reaching level 70, players have the option to enter Prestige Mode, which allows them to reset their rank back to level 1 while earning a special Prestige emblem or other rewards as a symbol of their achievement. This cycle can be repeated up to 10 times, each time earning a new Prestige rank and additional customization options.

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