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MW2 Orion Camo – How To Get To It

Updated: Oct 28, 2022 12:45 pm
MW2 Orion Camo – How To Get To It

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is out in a few short hours, and players are desperate for any information that they can possibly scavenge. Among several queries, people are also wondering what the MW2 Mastery Camo options are and how they get the MW2 Orion Camo.

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Luckily we have all the details on what you need to know, a list of the various different mastery camo available, and how to unlock them.

What Are The MW2 Mastery Camo Options? How Do I Get To The MW2 Orion Camo?

MW2 Mastery Camo

The following Mastery Camo options are available in MW2, and need to be unlocked for specific weapons:

  • Gold Mastery Camo
  • Platinum Mastery Camo
  • Polyatomic Mastery Camo
  • Orion Mastery Camo

In order to get the Platinum Mastery Camo you need to have already unlocked the Gold Mastery Camo, in order to unlock the Polyatomic Mastery Camo you need the Platinum Mastery Camo and in order to unlock the Orion Mastery Camo you need the Polyatomic Mastery Camo.

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All of these must be unlocked across a minimum amount of weapons before the next stage is moved onto.

What Are The Camo Challenges?

The MW2 Mastery Challenges are the unlockable challenges you get with each gun. If we take as an example the M4, each stage will require the following amount of kills:

Gold Mastery Challenge: Get 100 Kills With Gold Camo Equipped

Platinum Mastery Challenge: Get 200 Kills With Platinum Camo Equipped

Polyatomic Mastery Challenge: Get 300 Kills With Polyatomic Camo Equipped

Orion Mastery Challenge: Get 400 Kills With Orion Camo Equipped

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Once you complete a mastery challenge you’ll unlock a brand new calling card and a brand new emblem based on that weapon, and completing all four mastery challenges will unlock a weapon charm based on the weapon.

There are a lot of weapons that you can unlock Mastery Camo for, so prepare to sink a lot of hours into doing so.

MW2 Orion Camo FAQs

How Many Mastery Camos Are There?


How Many Mastery Camo Challenges Are There?

There are also four, one for each tier.

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