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MW2 Raids Atomgrad release date – What is Raids?

Call of Duty creators Activision reveal Atomgrad to be the setting for the first Raid. But when is it coming out?

Updated: Jul 25, 2023 4:44 pm
MW2 Raids Atomgrad release date – What is Raids?

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Activision has revealed that Modern Warfare 2’s brand new game mode Raids will be coming this December as part of the game’s first mid-season update. Raids is an intensive addition to Modern Warfare 2, and new information has just dropped. Ahead of the revealed MW2 Raids release date, and the first raid, Atomgrad, has been revealed too.

We’ll get into the official MW2 Raids release date, and what Raids actually is right now. You might be looking to plan ahead with new loadouts for the high intensity 3v3 play of Raids. In that case, check out this Lachmann Sub loadout that is dominating Warzone 2 right now.

Modern Warfare 2 Raids – Atomgrad release date

Activision Blizzard let us peak behind the iron curtain. They present us Call of Duty’s first raid at The Game Awards. They have officially announced that Modern Warfare 2 Raid Episode 1: Atomgrad is set to launch on December 14. These are multi-hour stories, and we’re very excited to see how they pan out.

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Although no further updates on the future Raids were given, we were subjected to a great trailer for the first episode. We now have a fresh look and a MW2 Raids release date.

The trailer reveals a fleeting glimpse of the type of action we can expect following its release. “Get ready for a whole new way to experience Call of Duty,” Activision says in an announcement tweet.

This trailer gives us an insight about the “teamwork and strategic puzzle-solving in between bouts of intense combat” developers had previously mentioned. The slightly cinematic heir of the trailer leaves much of the elements the developers were talking about a mystery. Still, we’re hoping for a new angle for Call of Duty to be birthed from this, as promised.

Overall, whilst, we’ve been slightly starved of gameplay footage, we know what the Raids storyline and gameplay should appear like. There’s a lot to go off now. We’re very excited to give this a try come the 14th of December.

Modern Warfare 2 Raids FAQs

Where is Atomgrad in MW2?

From the looks of the trailer, it appears to be an underground bunker submerged in water, possibly hosting nuclear subs.

Is MW2 Raids multiplayer?

Yes, Raids is a 3v3 hybrid story/multiplayer game mode that’ll focus heavily on tactics and strategy.

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