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MW2 Reloaded update dramatically changes UAVs

Updated: May 10, 2023 4:50 pm
Modern Warfare 2 Call of Duty UAVS

UAVs have been given a major change for the Reloaded Update for MW2 and Warzone 2. Not only were big parts of it nerfed, but it was balanced by buffing its consistency. This will definitely change the way you play Call of Duty.

If you’re planning on ranking up for Reloaded, you need to incorporate constant UAVs into your strategy because the nerfs may be bad but everyone is going to be using UAVs.

Below we have everything you want and it sounds like the fanbase loves it.

UAVs nerfed in Call of Duty

We won’t waste your time. Here are the big nerfs:

  • UAV pings will now only emit from the player who activated the UAV
  • If the player who called in the UAV dies, the UAV will stop / finish
  • Using 3 UAVs will still upgrade the signal into an Advanced UAV
  • UAVs are now $6,000 instead of $4,000

These are huge hits for the UAV, and the community originally hated hearing about it. The Twitter feed for ModernWarzone was filled with hate when they tweeted about it.

However, this was before they all heard about the buffs, which turned the comment section around.

You are free to buy as many UAVs as you want. They are part of an “unlimited gear items,” update, and are at every buy station on the map. By the end of each game, you know your opponents spent money on UAVs, so you know what you’re up against.

Being able to buy as many as you want makes this kind of nerf make sense. If they didn’t nerf the UAVs, then unlimited amounts that your teammate can buy and you benefit from would be too much.

Also, the addition of other unlimited gear items makes this update way better. For anyone who wants to combat the UAVs, Counter UAVs are now limited to two per game. You can also buy Counter UAVs from any buy station as well.

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