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MW2 Season 3 Operators: Alejandro and Valeria joins Operator List

Updated: Apr 14, 2023 12:25 pm
Warzone 2: Ranked mode

Alejandro and Valeria join the Operator List, as the newest operators to join – just in time for MW2 Season 3.

With the new season of MW2, we can expect a lot of new additions to the game. New modes and maps are always hyped up but the new operators for each season of MW2 are often forgotten.

We normally get a new operator with the battle pass each season and that is normally the iconic character for the season. Season 3 is a bit different with the release of two new operators. Let’s go over the new operators for season 3 of MW2.

MW2 Season 3 Operators

In a combination with the new Raid story that we will be getting soon, the new operators are straight out of the MW2 campaign.

This time around we will be receiving both Alejandro and Valeria as new operators to use in multiplayer, DMZ, and Warzone 2. Here’s how you can unlock them in good time to keep up to date with the new operator additions Infinity Ward have brought out.

Since we are getting two operators and they are rivals story-wise, they will most likely be on opposing teams for multiplayer. Allowing you to carry out their rivalry in your Seach and Destroy matches.

Most likely, both of these operators will be the battle pass operators for the season. It is unknown if only one will be given with the purchase of the premium pass or if they will both be given at the start.

It will be interesting to see what skins these operators get at tier 100 of the battlepass. Perhaps Alejandro will receive one of the red skull skins that the other members of Task Force 141 received or maybe he will have something entirely different.

While these are the only two confirmed operators for the season we could see additional store operators added later on in the season. Much like the Shredder bundle from season 2. So if you are dying for a new operator to use in the new Resurgence mode, just wait for a new store-exclusive operator to drop.v

MW2 Season 3 Operators FAQ

How many operators are coming to MW2 Season 3?

There is a total of two operators coming to MW2 Season 3 – Alejandro and Valeria

Will more operators be added to MW2 Season 3?

Nothing has been announced yet – however we can anticipate that Infinity Ward may add more operators as we approach the midseason update.

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