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My Time at Sandrock – How to Get Old Parts

Updated: Jun 1, 2022 10:12 am
My Time at Sandrock – How to Get Old Parts

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Old parts are a scarce but vital part of crafting in My Time at Sandrock. These recycled nuts and bolts are used to craft machines like the Processor and Tailoring Machine along with items such as the Copper Loudspeaker, but you can also gift them to certain NPCs. 

Like many materials in My Time at Sandrock, it isn’t immediately clear where to gather or buy old parts but fret not; we’re here to give you a nudge in the right direction.

Recycling Mechanical Scrap

My Time at Sandrock - How to Get Old Parts

Setting up a working recycler is one of the first quests thrown your way in My Time at Sandrock, so we’ll assume you have one.

Head to the yard located to the right of the Eufaula Salvage building (you may need to pay 200 Gols for a weekly pass), where you’ll find a Mixed Junk Pile and a Mechanical Junk Pile you can harvest for materials, including mechanical scrap. You can also buy up to 10 mechanical scrap from the Eufaula Salvage Shop for 30 to 40 Gols a pop. 

Head back to your workshop and set the recycler to process your newly-amassed mechanical scrap. Recycling one mechanical scrap gives you a ‘High’ chance of obtaining old parts. Based on collecting roughly 15 mechanical scrap per visit to Eufaula Salvage, expect roughly 6-10 old parts every time.

Note the Mixed Junk Pile and a Mechanical Junk Pile respawn daily, guaranteeing a regular haul of old parts.

Where to Buy Old Parts in My Time at Sandrock

My Time at Sandrock - How to Get Old Parts

Rocky’s Eufaula Salvage Shop has a stock of 2 old parts, priced 40 Gols each on average. The shop is accessed by interacting with the cash register inside the Eufaula Salvage building. 

Mine for Old Parts at the Eufaula Salvage Abandoned Ruins

My Time at Sandrock - How to Get Old Parts

You can also find old parts by mining in the Abandoned ruins below Eufaula Salvage. This method is contingent on completing the Crane Commission as part of the Picking Up the Slack main quest. You won’t have access to the ruins before reaching this point in My Time at Sandrock’s story.

With the crane built and installed at the Eufaula Salvage yard, head down to the lower level and enter the Abandoned Ruins. Each visit costs you 10 Gols. Make sure you have plenty of stamina and a few regenerative food items as mining rapidly burns through your stamina.

From here, use the scanner to locate relics, which have a chance of being old parts. There’s no tried and tested method; it’s simply a case of quarrying as many as possible. Depending on My Time at Sandrock’s RNG, your max stamina, and the pickhammer you’re wielding, a single visit should bag you anywhere from 2 to 10 old parts.

That about covers how to get olds parts in My Time at Sandrock. Need help tracking down precious water? Head here.

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