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All the new Animal Crossing characters 2021 – November 5th Update

With the new update comes new Animal Crossing characters, here they all are!

Updated: Nov 30, 2021 2:19 pm
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It’s bittersweet, isn’t it? We get one of the biggest updates to Animal Crossing, but it’s also the last update at all. We might be wondering, what more is there to add after all the new additions. But also… What isn’t there to add? It’s a sad thing to see the November 5th update coming sooner than we expected. It’s great cause it refreshes the game which might have gone a little stale for some people. But then again, it’s exciting to see all the new content being added!

We’ll go and et to have our cup of joe with Brewster, take boat tours with Kapp’n, check out Harv’s Island Plaza and even more. But what some people might be more excited for are the new villagers who’ve chosen to take to island living!

That’s what we’ll be exploring in this article, all the new villagers and who they are!

The new Animal Crossing villagers

In the new update, 16 new villagers will be added to the game. Each of which are a different animal. While their birthdays have been confirmed, their personalities haven’t just yet. All of these characters will either be encountered randomly, or if you start a new island, they could start on your island straight away!

Either way, all of these cuties will be available to be made friends with! Make sure you welcome them all with open arms!

Sasha – Rabbit

acnh sasha

Birthday: May 19th

Ione – Squirrel

acnh ione

Birthday: September 11th

Tiansheng – Monkey

acnh tiansheng

Birthday: August 18th

Shino – Deer

acnh shino

Birthday: October 31st

Marlo – Hamster

acnh marlo 1

Birthday: June 26th

Petri – Mouse

acnh petri

Birthday: October 23rd

Cephalobot – Octopus

acnh cephalobot

 Birthday: April 1st

Quinn – Eagle

acnh quinn

 Birthday: January 20th

Chabwick – Penguin

acnh chabwick

Birthday: December 24th

Zoe – Anteater

acnh zoe

Birthday: February 10th

Ace – Bird

acnh faith 1

Birthday: August 11th

Rio – Ostrich

acnh rio

Birthday: September 10th

Frett – Dog

acnh frett

 Birthday: October 30th

Azalea – Rhino

acnh azalea

Birthday: December 18th

Roswell – Alligator

acnh roswell

Birthday: May 2nd

Faith – Koala

acnh faith

Birthday: May 2nd

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