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What is the New South Park Game?

Updated: Aug 16, 2022 12:14 pm
What is the New South Park Game?

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A new South Park game is on its way, and we don’t know much yet.

Ubisoft’s lack of involvement is probably the biggest fact that we do know.

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We’ve gathered all of the information on the new game for you right here.

What we Know about the New South Park Game

Most of the information that we do have comes directly from the THQ Nordic 2022 Summer Showcase. At the end of the event, THQ Nordic showed off a brief teaser, that revealed a new South Park game was in development. You can check out the teaser above.

The biggest reveal here is that the game is being worked on by THQ Nordic, despite the past two highly successful titles in collaboration with Ubisoft. Fans have speculated about the nature of the next South Park game since it was part of a huge new deal that the creators of the series signed back in August 2021.

Other than that, we know nothing just yet. With a new studio backing the project, there’s a strong chance that it’ll be different from the past two games. The Stick of Truth and the Fractured But Whole were both open-world RPGs, but we might finally see something different for this round with any luck.

A Brief Look at Other South Park Games

South Park Game The Stick of Truth screenshot

Throughout the years, South Park has had an interesting relationship with gaming. The first adaptation, titled only South Park, came out barely a couple of years after the show and was a janky FPS experience not favored by many.

Since then, we’ve seen everything from quiz games to 2D platformers, but it wasn’t until The Stick of Truth that games and South Park blended properly for the first time.

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The main question is whether the South Park Digital Studios team can make lightning strike for a 3rd time on their latest creation.

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