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New World ingame shop – What we know

What we know on the New World in game shop.

Updated: Nov 30, 2021 10:37 am
New World ingame shop

One of the norms of MMOs in this day and age is the guarantee that they will come with an in-game store. Amazon Games is no different, with the New World in-game shop offering players plenty of cosmetic items. Here is what we know if going to be featured in the in-game shop, and to answer to old drama regarding is New World pay to win?

New World ingame store

The New World ingame shop’s purpose is to be an optional way to support Amazon Games on New World. The core of the shop will sell transmog, which you can activate by going into an individual character slot and changing its appearance. We are not too sure exactly how much content they are going to put on the New World in-game store, but it seems that there might be quite a few options the more and more the game ages.

While getting store exclusive outfits, Amazon Games did post a blog detailing their store in some detail back in May. One of the things they mentioned is that some of the outfits are going to be store exclusive slight tweaks to outfits already in the game. That way there are a few varieties you can get by doing things in-game, which should detract from that sense of accomplishment.

Moreso, the New World in-game shop features other cosmetics like weapon skins, emotes, company crests (guild logos) and furniture for player housing. There does seem to be store exclusive guild crest icons, especially since there are three guild crest icons locked behind the New World pre order too.   

Is New World pay to win?

There was a big debacle over New World being pay to win back in May. During an NDA test, New World seemed to imply that they nerfed rested XP, instead offering ways to get more XP if you got items from the New World ingame shop going live at the game’s launch. Of course, someone broke NDA, because it was very paid to win, causing YouTubers like KiraTV to pick up on it.

New World was once called out for being pay to win by many, with Kira highlighting the red flags of the in-game shop back in Alpha.

The aftermath of the video and the leak enraged fans worldwide. It meant that Amazon Games was forced to issues statements regarding the debacle. Since then, a tonne has changed and has no reference to pay for convenience New World in-game shop transactions. It will more than likely change at some point when the game is fairly aged. We can easily speculate that microtransactions like boosts getting implemented, or things like server changes, which has been a standard cash shop option for decades at this point.

Back in July, Amazon Games spoke to Eurogamer about the New World in-game store. They definitely heard the feedback, but may still eye up the quality of life improvement transactions in the future. You can make the judgement for yourself when it gets to that point.

When we know more about what is coming in the New World in-game store, we will update the article.

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