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Is there a New World Open Beta wipe?

Here are the reason you should play the New World Open Beta despite the New World Open Beta wipe.

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The New World Open beta has just launched, allowing players the opportunity one final chance to jump back into New World before its official release. However, one thing people are wondering is if there is a New World Open Beta wipe. Well, the answer to that is yes.

The point of the New World Open Beta is for Amazon Games to keep an eye on how the servers fare ahead of the game’s full launch on September 28. Those who want to play the game get another opportunity to test the content and ensure it is ready for its full release date. Meanwhile, players who didn’t get a beta key for the Closed Beta can sign up and get to play the hottest upcoming MMO on the market.

The four days the beta up allows players a quick look into the game as a final try before they buy. Furthermore, the players coming onto the New World Open Beta offer Amazon Games incredible data to balance, fix servers, address error codes, and other helpful information for release.

If you’re one of those who think there’s no point in playing due to the New World Open Beta wipe, here are some gameplay ideas. One thing you can do is spend your time finding your favourite weapon ahead of launch. You’ll find the recent New World Open Beta patch notes nerfed some weapons, which may be enough for your to revaluate the New World weapons.

As already mentioned, playing a beta version of a game is solely there to test the game. We think you should go and play the game and let the developers know your feedback on what needs changing. That way, we get the best version of the game on day one of the full release.

Do you think there’s no point playing the New World Open beta because of the wipe? Let us know in the comments below.

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