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New World Streamer Servers Where are the Streamers playing?

Here are where the New World streamers are playing.

Updated: Nov 30, 2021 10:37 am
New World Streamer Servers

In the new age of gaming, no one can deny the power and influence playing games with servers have. They create communities and cause crazy things to happen in games. MMOs are no exception, and, if anything, amplify the level of craziness that comes with streamer events and communities. – see Classic WoW, for example.

With New World launching on September 28, the game is getting a massive streamer presence, with many MMO streamers making their way to the game. We already bore witness to streamers take part in the Battle for New World, and are doing so again, creating epic wars over Aeternum. If you’re a player that wants to know more about New World streamer servers, so you can join personalities you like or avoid them like the plague, here is all the information you need on the New World streamer servers.

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New World streamer servers

Many popular New World streamer servers have already been advanced in advance. Big MMO streamers like Towliee, Amsongold and more have declared their server so they can get communities going for the launch of the game.

Here are the most high profile streamers we can find. If you’re interested, there is a big database for Streamers Servers, which you can read more on here. The post says it is updated, taking into account what faction these streamers are going, along with the language of the server. It is a fairly good resource to make sure you find a community you want to play with or not play with.

Bajheera, Towleie and other North American WoW players are going over to Ys East.

Asmongold, the biggest MMO streamer at this point is going Olympus, which is the same name as his guild in Classic WoW.

Naowh and Naguura – high-end WoW Mythic+ players are going to Amenti EU.

Sacriel, arguably one of the big poster boys for the Battle of New World, has yet to declare his server, so be wary if you don’t fancy playing on a  New World server featuring one of Twitch’s most popular servers, period.

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