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New World Arcane Respository guide

We guide you through the Arcana crafting skill and the Arcane Repository in New World.

Updated: Nov 30, 2021 10:44 am
Arcane Repository New World

New World is the latest MMO to launch, and it brings with it a new take on the crafting jobs, professions, or other pseudonyms from other MMORPGs. New World has seven crafting skills, each with its own unique angle. One of the most popular ones at the minute is the Arcana skill. Arcana is a skill that allows you to increase your trade skill with magical weapons, artefacts and mystical concoctions.

If you want to play a New World mage or healer like character, then you will likely want to craft your own magical weapons. This is especially the case while getting your hands upon a weapon on a fresh server. To do so, you’ll need to seek out an Arcane Repository, which is the crafting able used for all magical affairs. We have curated an Arcane Repository New World guide for those enchanters out there.

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Arcane Repository New World Guide

The Arcane Repository in New World is a crafting table that allows players to craft magical items and potions. You can find Arcane Repository in all major settlements. When you interact with the Arcane Repository in any New World settlement, you will get a new crafting menu, showing you all the crafting recipes you can make. If you have quite a high Arcana skill, you will need to visit a settlement with a higher tier Arcane Repository.

When you get round to crafting items, you may find crafting requirements like the Protective Regent. Those resources basically mean a mixture of materials from that tier. this could mean using items like Fungal Spores, Toadstool Fringe and other items that sound like you’d find in Baba Yaga’s humble abode.

The main thing you’ll more than likely focus on to level up your Arcana skill is by crafting healing and mana potions. They are relatively cheap to make and require the least amount of gathering skills to make, as you only really need to focus on harvesting to get them. However, becoming one of the best magical weapon crafters is going to be big, especially when players need to replace the random magical weapon drops they get from the world as the perks are not great on them. There isn’t necessarily masters in crafting, but focusing on the right gathering skills makes it easier to focus on your trade to get a reputation on your server. 

Arcane Respository Tier 2 and Tier 3 Tables

Every crafting skill in New World interacts with the PvP settlement system. When a guild takes over a settlement, they will begin prioritizing what aspects of the settlement they want to improve. Most of the time, they will focus on the settlement’s defences, as they will want to defend the land they own. Once when things look more secure, the company leader will likely focus efforts on the town prosperity, attracting crafters to the land, including Arcanaists so they get their crafting tax income.

However, failing to defend a settlement through territory wars or through an invasion lowers the level of the settlement. This means crafting stations can get lowered, as well as defensives and other damage indicating post-war damage.

With New World only just launching, it is highly unlikely that any server will have an Arcane Repsoitry to tier 2 or tier 3. Even progressed servers might have troubles, as constant warfare destroys progress. 

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