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New World starting zones – Best starting zone & how to play with friends

Here is how to change New World starting zone, along with an explanation of why you may consider some areas the best New World starting zones.

Updated: Nov 30, 2021 2:18 pm
New World Starting Zones

Update: New World patch 1.0.4 has updated the amount of starting zones. There are now only three starting zones, with Everfall no longer having an automatic starting experience. You can read more on the updates in the 1.0.4 patch notes.

The New World starting experience is rather interesting. When you create your character on a server, you view a cinematic explaining why your ship to the colonies crashed. After that, your character will be able to play through the tutorial, starting on a beach before fighting the corrupted conquistador that once led your ship’s crew.

Once when you defeat the corrupted conquistador, you will then get knocked out. When you awake, you will find yourself stranded elsewhere. This is the game’s way of spawning you into one of several New World starting zones. There are some differences between each of the zones you can start in, and there is no way to select your starting zone.

New World starting zones – what are they?

There are three starting zones in New World, which are all fairly close to each other on the map. These New World starting zones are:

  • First Light
  • Windward
  • Monarch’s Bluff
  • Everfall – Removed as a starting zone in 1.0.4.

The three starting zones offer very similar starting experiences. You’ll wake up, travel along an area, come across an NPC, and do a tutorial on crafting basics and combat basics. Once you finish those, the NPC quest giver sends you to the nearest settlement to begin your journey into the wider game and get you into a faction.

After that, you’ll get somewhat different quests from each region. Monarch’s Bluffs is quite a mountainous area, with some mining-based baddies to fight. Alternatively, you’ll be asked to find sheep to provide gear and food supplies for your faction. Over in First Light, you have farming villages swarming with the undead, while there are corrupted camps with connections with an antagonist, Isabelle.

How to play with friends in New World / How to change starting zone

Best New World Starting Zone
Windsward is one of New World’s starting zones. Image via Amazon Games.

Since the game randomly assigns you a spawn placement, getting to play with your friends is random. If you’re unlucky enough to not spawn on the same beach, you’ll have to arrange to meet up manually. It will mean running through some higher-level areas and dying once or twice, but it isn’t too bad.

If you are opting to do this, do not accept any more quests from the beach NPC. Hand in the quest you get after the tutorial, and then proceed to your partner-in-crime’s starting location. It will take some time, but you’ll get to play with your friend that way and accept the same quests from that starting location’s quest giver.

If you have accepted any quests, you’ll need to play up to the quests that get you to join a faction. After that, you get to accept quests in settlements and raise your reputation with those settlements, including other New World spawn zones.

Best New World starting zone

If you want the best New World starting zone to level up, there isn’t a best one to recommend at the moment. All the New World starting zones are rammed with players making fresh characters due to the demand and login queues.

But there are a few strategic decisions you can make to better level towards the end game. Everfall is the most connected zone among all the New World starting zones. It offers the most avenues to the higher level zones, making it a great base to level in and branch off from. Furthermore, if you plan on crafting, you can store your resources in the storage shed at resources, and if you do decide to venture into a new zone with your faction, you’ll have an easier time farming and going back to your new home from Everfall.  Because of this reason, you can consider Everfall the best New World starting zone in the game.

It all depends entirely on what gameplay you want to do. If you’re going to make your own heavy armor early on, then First Light has some really good iron ore routes, but it is the furthest away zone from a few end game zones at the very north of the map. If you want to farm wild animals, Monarch’s Bluffs has great sheep spawns, which is excellent for levelling cooking. The best New World starting zone entirely depends on what you want from the game, but it won’t give you that much of a min-maxed advantage.

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