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New World Bosses: What are the bosses in New World?

There is a small variety of New World bosses available at launch.

Updated: Nov 30, 2021 12:33 pm
New World Bosses: What are the bosses in New World?

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New World has made significant changes from its inception. It was once a heavy PvP focus game, with the aim being to take over world territory with your company. However, it has since pivoted slightly towards more PvE content. One of the most common aspects of PvE content is the killing of bosses with your friends or pug parties. 

Since New World gained a PvE focus, Amazon Games have done their best to add bosses to New World. There are a variety of baddies taking place in expeditions, the world, with some future teases. Here is what we know about all the New World bosses, especially those looking forward to New World’s PvE content.

New World Bosses: Expeditions

New World has a feature called expeditions, which are essentially dungeons embedded into the main storyline. When you’re around level 25, you will get your first expedition quest to venture into the Amrine Expedition. Roughly every 10 levels after, you’ll get another quest to go into another dungeon, taking you all the way to level 55. By then, you’ll have three endgame dungeons that you’ll need to venture through to get some of the best end game gear.

  • Amrine Expedition.
  • Starstone Burrows.
  • The Depths.
  • Dynasty Shipyard.
  • The Lazarus Instrumentality.
  • The Garden of Genesis.

Interestingly, the expeditions feature information about the four main forces on Aeternum. The Ancients, The Corrupted, the Angry Earth, and the Lost. If you’ve been paying attention to the story, you’ll have come across a character called Isabella and Captain Thorpe, both of who are Conquistadors affected by the corruption. They play a large part in the story and are the bosses of the Depths and the Dynasty Shipyard. Amazon Games first revealed Isabella during the 2019 show, where they first announced New World’s lore and PvE aspects.

New World Lore Bosses

There are two bosses we get introduced to as part of the lore of two end game zones. These two zones are Reekwater and Ebonscale Reach. Ebonscale reach is the home of the Empress, a character that found Aeternum after fleeing from her homeworld in the east. The zone has obvious imperial Chinese references, with its visual influence from the Ming Dynasty, the ruling dynasty of China at the time of the Age of Exploration.

Regardless of that, she is a baddie trying to use the power of Aeternum to conquer land from her rival family members. She is conscious of what she is doing with Aeternum’s power and essentially furthers the ambitions of the Corrupted forces that want to wipe life from Aeternum and the world.

The other lore character is the Siren Queen, who resides in Reekwater. However, we are not entirely sure what the Siren Queen is. She has Siren /mermaid looking people wander the shores. You can find the Siren Queen, which is one of the harder New World open-world bosses in the Reekwater elite areas.

New World Elite Quests

From level 25 onwards, you’ll start venturing into the mid-game zones, which take you on your next journey. Eventually, you’ll come across some elite quests, requiring groups to form to take on the challenge. These examples feature the Heart of Darkness in Brightwood and another quest called Head or Tails in Cutlass Keys.

Typically, these quests have some adamant opponents. It would be best to group up with players who can tank and heal along with some DPS. These quests are doable without the structured party, but whoever has a threat will want to get good at the dodge feature quickly. You can see an example of these types of New World bosses below. Thanks, Zalgraz.

The Spriggan

The Spriggan is one of the first features Amazon Games made when they revealed their trajectory course to add more PvE content. Amazon Games announced  The Spriggan in 2020, becoming one of the first New World bosses added to the game. The Spriggan is a level 66 elite NPC, so it requires a max level coordinated group to beat at max level.

As it stands, these New World bosses are the only real form of bosses available at launch. However, there is plenty more to come. We know New World is a live service game, and they are going to expand on PvE content. Furthermore, there are references to the Flying Dutchmen, the Kraken and other myths of the Age of Exploration. Perhaps we may get them as future raid content or world bosses? What do you think would make a great addition to the game? Let us know in the comments below.  

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