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New World – Fix Disk Write Error

Disk Write Error on New World halted your progress? You aren't alone out there. Let's go on a quest to see if we can help

Updated: Nov 30, 2021 2:18 pm
New World – Fix Disk Write Error

We are seeing an increasing number of reports of New World players being faced with a Disk Write Error when trying to update via Steam and, while there are a number of suggested fixes, what works for one person doesn’t always seem to work for the next.

It seems at this stage that, although Disk Write errors are not uncommon on Steam, this may be an issue with the New World update itself. Below are some of the fixes that have worked for the rest of the internet, so if you are having the same problem try working through these hints and see if one lets you grab to the update and continue playing.

As we said, there is no obvious root cause of the problem which has sporadically appeared while downloading games on Steam since around the beginning of the year.

Some suggest reinstalling Steam but that seems a little heavy-handed without trying a few other things first.

Turn it on and off again

New World Bow Build

Firstly, Restart Steam. This likely won’t work but we need to rule it out so just do it. The next step is to reboot your PC. The old turning it on and off again tactic works more than you would imagine.

Check write protection isn’t on for your drive. We don’t know why it would be but if it has become active for some reason, that will stop Steam from using it to download too. Write click on the drive and make sure Read-Only isn’t set in its properties.

Next clear the Steam download cache (located by Steam > Settings > Downloads > Clear Download Cache). This should help clear out any corrupt files lurking in there that could be causing you an issue.

Now likely none of these fixes will sort you out as they are all pretty basic but some of the ones that users have had some success with just might so try these too.

Firstly browse to your .steamlibrary/steamapps folder and delete the appmanifest_1063730.acf.tmp. Some people have reported that after removing this file, the update has downloaded and worked after that, suggesting once again file corruption is the issue.

The other fix doing the rounds is a little more drastic but not system breaking. If none of the above has worked and you don’t want to wait it out until the bug is fixed, try changing your region in the steam settings and when prompted, change your storage location and this seems to work, even though it is not ideal.

This does not mean there is an issue with your drive as seemingly there are no problems updating other games in libraries on that drive but it might well get you back into New World in the short term.

We hope that helped you ride out the storm.

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