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The New World Greatsword and Blunderbuss are the next new weapons to release

AG confirmed previous datamines with the commitment to developing the Daggers, Blunderbuss and Greatsword for New World.

Updated: Jan 13, 2022 11:06 am
New World Greatsword New World Blunderbuss

One of the most hotly desired and best from of content in New World is the game’s weapons. There are plenty of new weapons to choose from, with players having the option to essentially play their own class in the game. Moreso, the developers seem very committed to making new weapons, creating weapons to fit into niches, such as the Void Gauntlet as a support healing weapon.

However, other players want other weapons. Many fans of the game want a different ranged weapon, while others want to go galavanting around Aeternum as a knight. Meanwhile, the assassin players want a dagger combo to get up close and personal. Luckily for you, there are plenty of new weapons that seem somewhat around the corner. Amazon Games Studi confirmed in the recent Christmas live stream that the New World Greatsword weapon is in the works. Meanwhile, a New World blunderbuss weapon is very nearly complete. Here is everything we know about these two weapons and other weapons the developer studio is working on.

What is the New World blunderbuss?

The Blunderbuss seems to be the next weapon coming to New World. During the stream, the developers mentioned that the Blunderbuss is almost ready, and since we know the contents of the January update, we will likely have information on it by February or March at the latest – that’s our theory anyway.

As for the playstyle of the weapon, we can expect it to be a close to mid-range weapon. The developers described the New World blunderbuss as an explosive, quick, and run-and-gun weapon. There are no details on the exact skills, but Amazon Games suggested is a range weapon that compliments melee builds better, and perhaps staff users too. That could imply both Strength and Int scalings, but we; ’ll see when it gets mentioned on an upcoming PTR build 

What is the New World greatsword?

Amazon Games confirmed the Greatsword is a weapon that is coming to New World at some point. Before the game launched way back in September, data mining of the public beta suggested it was on its way. However, it never got any love until the December stream. 

The New World Greatsword didn’t get too much information on it in the stream. What we do know is the weapon is going to have stance switching, implying that the skills will likely affect the way the heavy and light attacks work. As for a release window, it is still in active development. We reckon it will be due before the end of Spring since there seems to be roughly a three/four-month period between new weapons. That’s if we take Amazon Games’ excitement for the Blunderbuss as an indicator.

Other mentioned upcoming New World weapons

In the stream, there was mention of other weapons coming to the game. One of the hotly requested weapons is a dagger combo. However, they are still in the early stages of work. They could be a significant while off yet. In addition, there was mention of other one-handed weapons getting paired with the shield, but is a functionality that is in a distant pipeline, with AG’s focus on niche weapons to launch for now.

Moreso, if you are already aware of datamined weapons like the Angry Earth Staff, do be aware that was not mentioned. It could be a scrapped weapon, or it could still be a secret Amazon don’t want to talk about just yet. All in all, there are new weapons that seem to be for the taste of every gamer out there looking to build upon their own custom class fantasy.

Featured image via Amazon Games.

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