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Players are abusing a New World invincibility glitch exploit to win wars

A New World desync / invincibility bug is causing players to lose wars.

Updated: Nov 30, 2021 2:19 pm
Players are abusing a New World invincibility glitch exploit to win wars

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Update October 28. The window exploit is no longer a thing. Furthermore, the 1.0.4 update has speculatively fixed the other form of invulnerability exploits in the game. The issues may finally be gone for good.

Update: New World community managers have responded to the New World exploit invincibility glitch. The devs are currently looking into solutions, including the possibility of disabling wars if it comes to it. You can find the official CM response to the New World exploits over on the Forums.

Uh oh, it appears there is a rather exploitative game-breaking New World invincibility glitch that some dishonorable players are abusing. The New World invincibility bug causes players to enter a desync status, making them unkillable. Of course, the bug seems to work in any aspect of the game, meaning some players are winning wars because of it.

What is the New World Invincibility glitch?

Over the weekend, several eyewitness reports detail accounts of a New World invincibility glitch being the secret weapon of war winners. At first, many players thought it was some form of day one issue coming back to haunt players, which has existed since the beta. However, it appears that the trick has been figured out, with players using it to their advantage.

Considering that a faction needs to generate a lot of influence in a zone before declaring war, this bug is a big deal. It can be used to ensure you keep a hold of a fort or take objectives in a war for a settlement. If enough players abuse it on a war objective, it almost guarantees a free win. The only way to beat is by coordinating your own team to do it and outnumbering them. Not exactly a great use of strategy and weapon combos.

Amazon Games have yet to say anything on the subject matter. However, Amazon Games’ ToS does say any third party or exploit that creates unfavourable advantages is against the game’s rules. So, if you’re caught using the New World invincibility glitch, then know that it is a bannable offence.

If you’ve been a victim of this unfortunate tragedy, remember to report the players you witnessed abusing the bug. If you can, save some footage of players abusing it so you can file a strong report to get them banned. After all, the New World servers are typically only 2000 players, so the server’s community will feel the impact of an exploiting New World guild taking over Aeternum.

If you want to see how the New World invincibility glitch works, then you can head over to this New World Forum post and see it in action for yourself. The forum does teach you how to do the desync invincibility bug. So, please do not recreate it, as it may get you banned, even if you’re doing it for testing purposes.

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