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What is the New World mm_connerr_rep_timeout error?

A New World mm_connerr_rep_timeout error code pops up when Steam goes down.

Updated: Nov 30, 2021 3:08 pm
New World mm connerr rep timeout error

Being a multiplayer-only game, New World is bound to run into some serious networking issues from time to time. One of these issues is the mm_connerr_rep_timeout error code. If you’re one of these players experiencing these issues, then rest assured, it more than likely isn’t an issue with your network or New World. In fact, it is Steam who is the culprit.

Mm_connerr_rep_timeout error explained

The mm_connerr_rep_timeout is a connection error code you get in New World when there are problems with Steam. Part of the login verification process for New World relies on Steam being active for it to work. You can see this in examples like New World and Steam connection when looking for Twitch Drops or prime gaming loot.

So, what happens when Steam goes offline? Well, New World by proxy has login issues. If you’re already on the server, chances are you won’t get hit with the issue. However, if you’re trying o get into the game while Steam is down, you’ll encounter this error.

One of the windows that you’ll experience this issue is during the Steam weekly maintenance. Steam maintenance typically occurs on Tuesdays, taking place from 6-7 ET. So, if you’re trying to get in-game at that time, you’ll likely run into issues all over Steam, never mind in New World.

If you find you’re getting this error, you can only do it to wait it out. Normally Steam server issues never last that long, planned or unplanned. If it’s planned outage, you’ll only have to wait a max of an hour – if that.

By the off chance you happen to find that you are still having other forms of connection, we have a list of known New World errors you can potentially fix.

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