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New World AFK timer – How long till you get AFK kicked for inactivity?

Amazon Games confirm the New World AFK timer last 20 minutes before you get AFK kicked for inactivity.

Updated: Nov 30, 2021 12:33 pm
New World AFK Timer
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Update: 10/06/21 – The New World patch 1.0.1 has reduced the AFK timer to 15 minutes, down from 20. Also, you’ll get disconnected at 20 minutes, rather than 25 minutes.

New World is now live, with the new world release date and time zones starting to sync up. While the servers are bottlenecked with some crazy queues, the servers are holding up just fine. But, due to the lengths the New World server queues are, some players are hoping they can go AFK quickly to ensure they don’t go back to 10k+ queues for many servers.

New World AFK timer

Many players tested this during the New World betas, when those beta servers had queues, along with those going AFK for the full launch. The results seem to indicate that the New World AFK timer is 20 minutes. So, if you need to do some real-life things, the game has some lee-way. However, New World will AFK kick you once the 20 minutes comes around, sending you to the back of the line of the login queues.

However, the AFK timer is set for 20 minutes idle. The AFK timer looks for 20 minutes for the consistent idle activity. Meanwhile, there is no AFK detection built into the queue if you’re in a New World sever queue. It means you can stay AFK through the hour-long server queues and not get punished for idle queuing.

The AFK timer was only speculated to be roughly 30 minutes due to the testing from the closed beta and open beta tests from July 2021 onwards. However, it was only speculation from communities such as Reddit that tested the game. With the game moving into full release, many players wanted to know facts due to the game’s great demand. Over on the New World Discord, NW community staff member, Mugsy mentioned the New World AFK timer is 20 minutes of idling. We have linked to our discord article if you fancy working out how to join the Discord.

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