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A New World Bloodlust bug is making players run like mounts

Great axe players are going really fast.

Updated: Nov 30, 2021 2:26 pm
A New World Bloodlust bug is making players run like mounts

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Well, New World’s patch 1.0.4 update has been quite the rollercoaster. While the patch is a calamity, there are some really fun bugs, such as the New World Bloodlust bug. If you’re interested in more doom and gloom, a Trading post bug affects transfers and gold sales. Moreso, there is another gold dupe bug in the game, but this one is more underground than the last one.

What is the New World Bloodlust bug?

The New World Great Axe bug is currently extremely funny. For some reason, the Bloodlust perk, which is one of the passives in the Great Axe is permanently enabled. The passive is only supposed to give you 30% haste for several seconds. However, many players find it lasts until you log out or change your weapon. Essentially giving you 130% movement speed.

Apparently, this bug activates down to bloodlust triggering and then interacting with a node. It will stay there semi-permanently if you start mining, chopping a tree, or harvesting a plant.

Obviously, players are using this to their advantage. Anyone who manages to get this bug is now running around with a 30% haste bonus forever. Many players have noticed this in-game and are now making memes about it on Reddit and showing off what it looks like in-game.

It is worth mentioning that abusing any exploit in the game is against the New World ToS. So, if you want to go really fast, we recommend being careful with it. If you use this harmlessly, chances are nothing will happen. But if players use this to speed things on their farming routes, or get unfair advantages in wars, then it’s obviously punishable.

If you’re interested in reading more about the Bloodlust bug, you can check out the official bug report over on the Forums.

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