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New World Console Release – Is New World Coming To Console?

Will Xbox or PS5 owners get to experience New World?

Updated: Nov 30, 2021 10:44 am
New World Console Release – Is New World Coming To Console?

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After alphas, betas, and a delay in the release, the New World servers are officially live on PC with hundreds of thousands of eager MMORPG lovers sinking their teeth into Amazon’s new gaming entry.

It seems Amazon has got this launch right with no real issues to report apart from the ridiculous server queues for all those wanting to jump in as soon as possible. The game is running smoothly from the gameplay being broadcasted on a variety of Twitch channels and players seem to be enjoying the grind already.

However, one question remains, is New World getting a console release? Will New World get its glory on Xbox Series X or PS5?

New World Console Release

new world xbox ps5

The short answer to this question is no, it is looking like Amazon Games has no plans to release New World on console, whether that be on Xbox Series X or PS5, and it will be a PC exclusive. This is likely because games of this ilk are not only incredibly difficult to a console counterpart, they’re also very hard to actually play on a controller thus making it simply unfeasible.

This claim is backed up by the official New World Twitter account which flat out states that Amazon is leaving console gaming alone and sticking to mouse and keyboard only:

We don’t necessarily think that this is a bad thing, as stated above, MMORPGs do not translate very well onto console anyway so even with its popularity, New World on console would’ve probably fallen flat on its face.

If you are looking to play New World, you can simply boot up Steam and buy a code through there. No jumping through any Amazon hoops to get access to this brand new MMORPG so what are you waiting for? Jump into New World and start grinding those materials!

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