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New World fishing hotspots

Here's all the various fishing hotspots in New World

Updated: May 4, 2023 9:36 am
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New World has taken control of Steam, trending and being one of the most played games right now. It even reached nearly 1 million players in a day. Needless to say, New World has become a widely popular open-world experience.

It wouldn’t be a massively popular MMORPG without fishing, right? Well we’ve made a little guide when it comes to the New World fishing hotspots.

new world how to fish

What are New World fishing hotspots?

Fishing hotspots are places in Aeternum that grant players a faster fishing experience.

Hotspots can, however, be used up. Hotspots act as “nodes”, and can be depleted, just like a Mining node. While you can continue fishing when the hotspot is depleted, you will no longer see the “Landed in Hotspot!” text when you cast, nor will you get the quicker bite.

Fishing respawn timers

Each fishing hotspot will have a different respawn timer after the hotspot has been depleted. These are as follows:

  • Broad: 20 to 30 minutes
  • Rare: 30 to 45 minutes
  • Secret: 45 to 90 minutes

New World fishing hotspot levels and locations

Map LinkDescriptionTypeLevel UnlockedNotes
NWDB MapWindsward – Near town, by Fishing quest start NPCBroad2
NWDB MapWindsward – East, by Breakwater BulwarkBroad2
NWDB MapFirst Light – in Hatchburg FisheryBroad3
NWDB MapFirst Light – in ForellacBroad4
NWDB MapFirst Light – Southeast of townBroad4
NWDB MapFirst Light – N, East of Nyhart’s AnchorageBroad7
NWDB MapWindsward – East, on Stoneview SeabreakRare7
NWDB MapFirst Light – N, Millberry Hills, by Clearwater BendBroad9
NWDB MapFirst Light – in SaircorBroad12
NWDB MapWindsward – by Hermit (Fisherman’s Bend)Secret12
NWDB MapEverfall – by CanisBroad16Doesn’t show icon on map when unlocked (bug)
NWDB MapEverfall – In Meadow Lake FisheryBroad16
NWDB MapCutlass Keys – South of FortBroad20
NWDB MapEverfall – East of EverfallRare20
NWDB MapCutlass Keys – West of town, by Snaggletooth BurrowBroad25
NWDB MapWeaver’s Fen – West of Fort, top of waterfallBroad25
NWDB MapCutlass Keys – Far S, in Salty Snail FisherySecret27
NWDB MapWeaver’s Fen – W, W of KarburgBroad27
NWDB MapEverfall – North of TownRare30
NWDB MapWeaver’s Fen – Far East, in The Mud BarBroad30
NWDB MapMonarch’s Bluffs – West of TownBroad34
NWDB MapMonarch’s Bluffs – In Lakeside FarmBroad37
NWDB MapBrightwood – by Brightwood IsleBroad37
NWDB MapBrightwood – Northeast of Azoth TreeBroad41
NWDB MapRestless Shore – Between Fort and Rabbit IslandBroad41
NWDB MapRestless Shore – West of town, by WF borderBroad45
NWDB MapCutlass Keys – Far SE, by Clearmon’s DoubtRare45
NWDB MapMourningdale – South of Padre NunezBroad52
NWDB MapGreat Cleave – E, SE of EastburnBroad52
NWDB MapEdengrove – N of Valor Hold, by Genesis of SpiteBroad56
NWDB MapCutlass Keys – SW, by Lightning FieldsRare56
NWDB MapEbonscale Reach – SW, W of Stormcourt FieldsBroad59
NWDB MapReekwater – N, S of Sharptooth PassBroad59
NWDB MapWeaver’s Fen – S, by Wretched ShallowsRare60
NWDB MapWeaver’s Fen – SW, by South Vega BridgeRare60
NWDB MapWeaver’s Fen – N, by EG borderRare62
NWDB MapCutlass Keys – by MalocchioSecret62
NWDB MapMonarch’s Bluffs – South of Fort, by Master Fisher WarwickRare67
NWDB MapMonarch’s Bluffs – Southwest of WatchtowerRare67
NWDB MapEbonscale Reach – South, in swamp by MB border (Crimson Shallows)Broad70
NWDB MapBrightwood – W, by ER borderRare70
NWDB MapWeaver’s Fen – West of Fort, middle of waterfallSecret70
NWDB MapRestless Shore – North of Eridanus, by Treetop Terror/The DepthsRare74
NWDB MapRestless Shore – West of Eridanus, by WF borderRare74
NWDB MapRestless Shore – West of BoarsholmRare78
NWDB MapMourningdale – SE, East of FortRare83
NWDB MapMourningdale – in New Balefire (on the island in middle)Rare83
NWDB MapMourningdale – S, Flooded Plains, S of SubraRare88
NWDB MapWeaver’s Fen – SE, by Hazel’s CaveSecret88
NWDB MapEdengrove – E, E of MalevolenceRare95
NWDB MapShattered Mountain – NE of Mountainrise, by Master Fisher BernardRare95
NWDB MapReekwater – E, SE Tricorne ShoalRare99
NWDB MapMonarch’s Bluffs – Far Southwest cornerSecret99
NWDB MapReekwater – SE, W of Syleio SekoRare103
NWDB MapReekwater – South, Siren’s StandRare110
NWDB MapMonarch’s Bluffs – In Alioth, by EF borderSecret110
NWDB MapEbonscale Reach – NE, NE corner of lakeRare114Not on compass – may be slightly bugged
NWDB MapEbonscale Reach – S of Bridge to Dynasty PalaceRare117
NWDB MapBrightwood – NE, N Greyvale, by borderSecret117
NWDB MapRestless Shore – E, in island chainSecret117
NWDB MapRestless Shore – Just northeast of Fort DamnationSecret128
NWDB MapRestless Shore – West of town, by RW borderSecret134No hexagon border border on map (bug)
NWDB MapEbonscale Reach – SE Corner by EF FortRare141
NWDB MapMourningdale – E, South of Scorpius, by Broken PromiseSecret141
NWDB MapMourningdale – N, by CragviewSecret148
NWDB MapGreat Cleave – SW, in Glass LakeSecret153
NWDB MapEdengrove – NE of Valor Hold, N of BlisterootSecret158
NWDB MapEdengrove – Far East, by MD borderSecret158
NWDB MapShattered Mountain – NW, N of Ambusti MinesSecret165
NWDB MapReekwater – SE corner, E of Syleio SekoSecret172
NWDB MapReekwater – SW CornerSecret179
NWDB MapReekwater – E, Middle of coastlineSecret185
NWDB MapReekwater – SE of town, just N of Scavenger’s ShoreSecret185
NWDB MapReekwater – in Siren’s Stand, near Syleio SekoSecret190
NWDB MapReekwater – S of Siren’s Stand, by map edgeSecret193
NWDB MapEbonscale Reach – W, N of Bridge to Dynasty PalaceSecret193
NWDB MapEbonscale Reach – SW of Dynasty Fire Shrine, by EF border/Watchtower areaSecret197
NWDB MapEbonscale Reach – NE, N Moss Mire, by Dynasty Water ShrineSecret200
NWDB MapEbonscale Reach – S Palewind TerraceSecret200
NWDB MapEbonscale Reach – E of FortSecret200

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