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New World January Dev Update: Major bug fix month incoming

The New World Dev Update for January 2022 largely committed to fixing the game.

Updated: Jan 20, 2022 12:01 pm
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The New World January Dev Update is back, with the developers jumping in front of the camera once again. It turns out the community really likes these dev posts, so Amazon Games is going to continue to work on this feature and give people a very large indicator of what is coming to the game. In the most recent New World January 2022 Dev Update, Amazon Games spoke boat what is coming in February, which at the minute seems to be a commitment to bug fixes.

New World January 2022 Dev Update to focus largely on bugs

There are many leftover bugs in the game. We all remember that certain perks were not working correctly. There are still the odd gold dupe and character creation issues. Amazon Games want to ensure the game is more stable than ever to make the game stable for the months to come. 

While bug fixes are the key focus for the next month, there will still be weapon balance changes. Weapons like the Void Gauntlet make healers very good, along with IG and VG users dominating the PvP meta with incredible CC amounts in the kit. Dex users are having fun with the multiple immune windows, dashes, and weapon skills. While they did not say what weapon balance changes they will make in February, it will likely hit these areas.

Also, Amazon Games mentioned there would be another PTR during February, offering those who want to test any balance features or potential bugs the opportunity to do so. 

In addition, the devs went into some more detail on the Mutators that are coming into the game. While there is nothing new about the New World mutators, they did explain how it will affect gameplay and what players can expect from it.

Lastly, there seem to be rumours of new Arenas coming to the game. As it stands, Arenas is one of the methods which players are getting involved with to get their Gypsum sources. However, it is becoming apparent slaying the Spriggan and Siren Queen is rather lacklustre. Also, more arenas, especially with Expeditions getting a new feature, makes a lot of sense. However, that detail is not known. We will likely know more about that in March, especially when we are likely to get more news about the nearly complete Blunderbuss from the last BNew World Dev Update in December. Oh, and there will be another world server transfer token coming up to let people easily switch between the server merges easier.

You can watch the full 30 minutes New World January Dev update here for those interested.

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