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New World Level Cap – What is the New World faction reputation cap and max weapon level?

What is the New World level cap?

Updated: Nov 30, 2021 12:32 pm
New World Level Cap

Like all MMORPGs, there is always some form of a cap on the content, whether it is a level cap, reputation cap, or currency cap. New World is no different, having a cap at various stages of the game. There is indeed a New World level cap, along with a New World reputation cap. Below you’ll find all you need to know about the various New World caps.

New World level cap

Amazon Games have set the New World level cap at level 60, and there is no announcement that it will go up. While you make your way to the New World level cap, there’s plenty of content to enjoy, such as world content, the main story, expeditions, PvP and many other pieces of content. Unlike most MMO’s, New World has quite a lot of content to take a look at while you’re levelling, and most of it is available for players who are not max level.

Of course, there are positives to getting to the max level. The first is that you will unlock all of your New World attribute points. That way, you can get all the extra bonus that comes with your attribute and weapon build. Furthermore, you are at the strongest point for Wars, making future territory wars, fort battles, and other content more interesting. You can also unluck the final bosses of New World, such as the Spirggan Arenas and Expeditions like the Lazarus Instrumentality.

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New World faction reputation cap

There appears to be some confusion on the New World reputation cap. While you play through the game, you will do side missions for your faction. There are four tiers for each of the factions. When you reach a New World faction reputation cap, you should get a quest to go and do an Advancement quest. However, these advancement quests level locked, so you hit a temporary New World faction reputation cap if you reach it earlier.

Completing an Advancement quest unlocks the next tier of reputation for the faction. The first advancement quest is around level 25, with the next stages at level 35, 45 and 60. When you get to the final level of the reputation, you will eventually hit a New World faction reputation cap, which ends your progression with your factions. The cap is 49,000 reputation, which grants you the final quest for your faction promotion. The only way to complete your faction reputation missions is to purchase items using your faction tokens.

You can find an example of the New World advancement process for the Covenant, Syndicate, and Marauders here.

New World weapon max level

New World’s weapon combat system allows players to take any two weapons they want, offering players a unique playstyle to their preference. When you actively use weapons to claim the souls of Aeternum, you will gain weapon experience, eventually leveling them up, unlocking mastery points. These mastery points allow you to unlock new skills, skill upgrades, and passive for your weapon builds. The maximum weapon skill is 19, meaning you can only acquire 19 points for your weapon. It means you can take every single point in a single weapons specialization, typically leaving one spare to go into the weapon specialization.

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