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New World: How to level weapons fast

We teach you how to level up New World weapons fast

Updated: Nov 30, 2021 2:26 pm
how to level New World weapons fast

New World’s weapon system is perhaps one of the most interesting weapon systems in any MMORPG. Amazon Games designed a system that allows players to take any weapons of their choosing, creating a mixture of builds and playstyles unique to the individual. For the most part, almost every weapon has a place in the game, even if one or two weapons are rather overpowered.

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Almost every weapon can feel fairly decent, especially when you get it roughly level seven weapon mastery. By that point, you’ll have more than likely got the three weapon skills you want to use, along with an upgrade or two and passive. While that’s enough to get the ball rolling, some weapons are not complete until way later. If you really want to maximise your weapon’s potential, you’ll need to farm out weapon mastery experience. Here we teach you all about how to level weapons fast in New World. 

How to level New World weapons fast

You really don’t need much experience to get a weapon to mastery level 5, especially in the early game. However, it won’t be long until you encounter your weapon mastery moving slowly. Chances are the weapon mastery level is down to out levelling the current enemies, or it is on par to your level. That means that Amazon Games designed weapon mastery to be a slow grind. Fortunately, we will teach you how to level New World weapons fast for your level bracket.

Weapon catch up

Hitting higher level enemies rewards more base weapon XP so that you can fly through the early weapon mastery levels. It is the most effective method of leveling your New World weapons fast. Moreso, weapon scaling is affected by your character attributes, so light and heavy attacks will still do reasonable damage to higher level mobs. Of course, this is presuming you respec to the weapon’s attribute focus if you’re making an entire switch to a whole new type of weapon. I.E swapping from a Fire Staff to a Warhammer requires a complete character attribute reset.  The other good thing about this is that higher level players can still abuse the following how to level New World weapons fast ideas to their advantage.


New World Expeditions
Amrine is the first expedition you can repeatedly farm for XP. Image via Amazon Games.

Expeditions are part of New World’s main story, with your first introduction to expedition requiring five players to enter Amrine Expedition around level 25. After that, you get to do a new instanced dungeon every 10 levels until level 55, where you can get access to another two-level 60 dungeons designed for end game players.

These expeditions are instanced content, where you and a group of four other players can repeatedly head in and destroy mobs for targeted loot. The good thing is that these expeditions are filled with elite enemies. It means you can get much more weapon mastery experience on repeat with no player contest. Moreso, if you can get efficient runs going, you’ll get much more character and weapon experience per hour than regular outdoor content.

As you begin to out-level the content, you will get less and less experience, meaning you’ll have to move on to other areas. Luckily, there are elite outdoor areas in the open world, which offer chances at loot from bosses, chests and regular elites. 

Elite areas

Elite areas in New World are some of the most dangerous areas in the game. They offer players the chance to form parties, taking un hordes of elite enemies in the outdoor world. The best thing about it is they give a really good experience and have the chance to drop blue quality tier weapons. The blue item drops do depend on the rarity of the chests or a boss mob’s loot table, though.

As discussed in the Expeditions sections, fighting elite enemies close to your level range offers incredibly good player experience and weapon mastery experience. You can go to these areas and farm blue quality gear from these elites areas. Alternatively, you can go to areas that have elite bosses with few elite NPCs nearby. Due to mob density, some areas are more efficient than others. But, all these elite areas are worth considering, especially if some elite areas are already busy.

Furthermore, you can grab elite quests, which require a group to take on a world boss. You normally get these New World elite quests after level 30, especially when you reach the mid-game zones. These quests are not that efficient for levelling your New World weapons fast, but they can help if you are in a dry spot.  

Elite bosses and dense enemy areas:

Here are some examples of elite areas or elite bosses you can gather a group for and farm for items, XP, or weapon mastery.

  • Deadman’s Cove – A cove at the south of Monarch’s Bluff filled with level 25 elites. – You can get a blue T2 Rapier and Musket drop – pirate-themed weapons from the enemies in the area.
  • Benjamin the Unbound – Level 32 elite found on the bottom left island in Cutlass keys. He drops the Stormbinder’s Great Axe.
  • The Azoth Tree –  Level 32 Angry Earth enemies with Ceran, an elite boss guarding the Azoth tree in Brightwood.
  • Misanthrope  Broadbin – Found in Pond Scum Fort on the Haunted Isle surrounded by level 35 enemies.
  • Brightwood Isle – Level 34 elites.
  • Soddenswale – Soddenswale is an area in Weaver’s Fen, containing two major enemy NPC landmarks. Both Perivale and Karburg have dense mob locations, with Perivale containing level 40 mobs, while Karbug has level 38 enemies. Note that Karbug has plenty of T2 chests, while Perivale has two Tier 4 elite chests guarded by bosses
  • Stone Skull Fort – Three level 40 elite bosses called the Executioner, Tax Collector, and Goldstein the Equalizer guard two Tier 4 Elite chests at the Stone Skull fort in Cutlass Keys.  

Use both weapons

If you are lower level or are farming to level two New World weapons fast, remember to attack with both weapons. Using both weapons on a mob that dies grants weapon experience to both weapon masteries. You should do these pretty much everywhere, whether that is fighting elites, questioning or PvP.

Do damage with the Life Staff

New World Life Staff New World Healer Build

If you are a healer in an elite group or in an expedition, remember to damage with your Life Staff. As stated, you only get experience or your weapon as long you hit the mob with an attack before it dies. Most New World healer builds will have the passive that allows them to heal allies with primary attacks. So, you should line up your allies with the mob you are attacking to ensure you heal and do damage. Alternatively, spec into Beacon to ensure the Life Staff’s only damaging skill is getting you weapon XP and healing allies simultaneously.


PvP grants players quite a lot of weapon experience for taking part, along with even more player experience of having PvP enabled. While the incentive is there, it sometimes is not that efficient. If you want to know how to level New World weapons fast, then you should avoid PvP. If you end up dying a lot in PvP, it can be much less efficient. The only time we recommend abusing it is by taking part in huge servers events, like Fort takeovers, Wars and other content like that.

Are you aware of any methods of how to level New World weapons fast? Let us know in the comments so we can all get our ideal build rolling.

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