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New World Leveling – Tips and Tricks to better level

Here are a few New World tips and tricks for New World leveling.

Updated: Nov 30, 2021 10:45 am
New World leveling guide

New World is out now, with players making their characters and beginning their new journey on Aeternum. While there is a whole ‘new world’ to explore, some players want to get to max level as fast as possible. Meanwhile, some players require playing catch up because of the server queues. Regardless of which one you are, we have a New World leveling guide, offering great New World tips and tricks to get you to your desired leveling speed.

New World leveling guide: Tips and tricks

Grab a party

The New World leveling is progressed through at a much quicker pace when you have a party. When you’re out there doing quests as a party, any mob tags you need will get shared between those in the questing area. It means killing eight corrupted miners become significantly quicker, allowing you to progress through the main story, side, or faction quests at a much quicker pace. Furthermore, if you’re fighting any special named mobs for a quest, then you can spend your time nuking the mob down quicker than you could do solo.

If you’re just starting New World with a friend, here is another  New World leveling tip. You can partner up with your friend, even if you don’t spawn in the same starting zone. Here is how to meet up with your friend in another starting zone.

Abuse Dynamic respawns

It is very clear that Dynamic respawns are a thing in New World. Many players were crammed onto the starting zones during a server start, all after the same very few boars to complete their cooking tutorial quest. What many players also found was the boars were near enough instantly spawning. If you have an efficient enough mob killing build or are decently populated, you may abuse the mob respawn timer and farm raw XP that way. Do note mob XP is much slower than grinding through quests, especially at lower levels.

Don’t do crafting or gathering skills 

Crafting and gathering skills are an important part of New World, with crafting being a huge part of acquiring gear as you level or get to end game content. However, finding materials is a pain, especially if you want to mine iron deposits in the early game., We advise completely skipping this aspect of the game until you no longer care about maximising XP per hour.

Get to level 20 in 4 hours

Many players tested the beta for leveling methods. One player managed to get to level 20 in roughly 4 hours of gameplay, which is rather fast. If you want to repeat the process, why not check out Vormithrax’s videos and see what leveling route and method he used if you agave the time to take notes on video content? It is worth taking notes as this is some of the fastest vods of New World leveling to date.

Use a Life staff

Healing is a very important part of New World. The reason is the need to have food on you at all times, with the added benefit of potions granting insta health in troublesome times. However, this requires you to gather food from wild animals and plants, such as herbs, to cook decent meals or potions. To avoid this process, you can instead opt for Life Staff as your second weapon and heal yourself and buff yourself through the various builds in the game. That way you save time having to gather and craft health boosts. Not to mention it makes it easier getting into a group for New World dungeons.

Spam Expeditions

Expeditions are the New World Dungeons in the game. As you progress through the main story, you will get quests that take you to your first dungeon the, Amrine expedition. The dungeon is easily clearable in the mid 20’s, especially with a team of five. You could find a like-minded group at the same level and continuously farm. The more you get used to each dungeon in each level bracket, the more likely you’ll get efficient at higher experience rewards. Moreso, you will get amazing weapons from these expeditions, and so you’ll get awesome gear to make new world leveling in every bracket much easier

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