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New World Rabbit’s Revenge event guide: Corrupted Rabbits and Defiled chests

We guide you through the new New World Rabbit's Revenge micro holiday event.

Updated: Apr 13, 2022 4:34 pm
New World Rabbit’s Revenge event guide: Corrupted Rabbits and Defiled chests

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New World is running its first-ever easter holiday event, introducing its first-ever micro holiday event for the season. The event features a tide of corrupted rabbits, spread far and wide across the lands of Aeternum. These rabbits serve a purpose, granting you a whole new luck item along with a chance at some major goodies. Here is everything you need to know about the New World Rabbit’s Revenge event.

New World Rabbit’s Revenge Guide

The core of the grind of this holiday event is hunting rabbits. Get your best Elmer Fudd musket out because it’s wabbit season. Throughout the world of Aeternum, you will find the Corrupted Rabbits, located absolutely everywhere. Go to any landmark that has enemies or is away from Settlements and Forts, and you should notice the rabbits scatter around.  You can farm these new DCorrupted Rabbits for a period of two weeks, roughly lasting from April 12 – April 26, 2022.

New World Rabbits Revenge compass
You can track Corrupted Rabbits on the compass.

Moreso, you can keep an eye on these rabbits via the compass at the top of the screen. Track the animals as you normally would, and you can easily find the corrupted rabbits. As it stands, it feels like the rabbits are everywhere, so, find a spot that isn’t as busy, and you can take out as many rabbits as you want.

The reason why you want to take out the Corrupted Rabbits is for a chance at grabbing yourself luck related items. There is a variety of Rabbit Foots going around, which can increase your luck by 5% (for those at max level). If you’re at a lower level, then you can still get luck related items, it’s just a lower percentage. You can also grab yourself up to three diamond gypsum per day, allowing you to increase your item level progression thanks to this event.

However, the most lucrative reward of all is the Defiled Storage Chest of the Hare. This storage chest allows you to place a storage chest in a house, which adds an extra 1050 pounds of storage, which is an incredible boost to storage capacity. However, you can only get one of the Defiled Storage Chests of the Hare once per character.  You can get these by killing the Corrupted Rabbits, but it seems to be a very low drop chance.

To speed the process up of getting the rewards, we recommend putting on a luck set and going out in the wild. Once you get yourself a Rabbit’s Foot, you can use it to increase your luck even more for 40 minutes. Also, try to be in a settlement that grants you a bonus luck chance. That way, you max out on as much luck to make your time spent grinding for the Defiled Storage Chest of the Hare more efficient.

This concludes this New World Rabbit’s Revenge event guide. Good luck out there getting your extra gypsum and the Defiled Chest.

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