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New World server status – New World server maintenance repeatedly underway in Europe

The New World server status for its launch is going as expected.

Updated: Nov 30, 2021 10:44 am
New World server status  – New World server maintenance repeatedly underway in Europe

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Update: 19:39 BST – The New World EU Central servers have just experienced an error code called @mm_loginservices_internalservererrorexception. The error code relates to the login servers not fetching character information or an active realmlist for a region. In this instance, it was Europe. The issue appears to be fixed and is letting players queue back up to EU Central servers.

Update: 14:30 BST – The Fae server is back online, allowing players to once again queue for the server. Plus Amazon Games are launching more servers for EU to help manage the German and French queues.

New World has been live for just over three hours, and while the game is getting over 200k players on Steam and 300k live viewers on Twitch, it appears the servers are handling the demand as expected. While the Amazon Games team has handled New World’s launch rather well, with only a few hiccups here and there, the strain on the servers is noticeable, forcing the devs hand on setting up repeated New World server maintenance.

While the New World servers have gone down for maintenance, they tend to be back online after several minutes. However, it appears the login queue and login server checks are the areas of the games connection players are struggling with the most. Here are all the known New World server status issues we have seen so far.

New World server maintenance

As it stands, the servers have been entering server maintenance throughout the morning and likely continue throughout the launch week. It appears the servers can go down at any point at the discretion of Amazon Games and their tech team. If you want to pay closer attention to the New World servers, then you can check the official New World server status page on the New World support website

Alternatively, the New World devs are communicating login errors in both the game, the New World Discord, and the New World forums. At the time of writing, the servers are back online, but it seems another restart is imminent. Furthermore, the login servers are having trouble. Keep your eyes peeled on your in-game chat box or in the bottom right of the game’s main menu if you’re stuck in a queue. These areas notify you of any incoming server maintenance so you can brace for impact.

New World server status – servers going offline

It appears that some servers are having a bad time, more so than others. Some servers are reporting going offline outside of maintenance, especially with some servers shards in particular areas. Some of the servers getting battered the most are Hades, Fay, Murias, Styx, and Anwyn. Some of these servers like Styx and Utgard have reports of queue lengths as big as 11k and 12k, especially when the servers go down temporarily and force players back in login queues.

Because of the constant New World server restarts, the login servers keep getting a battering. Expect long queues or some login queue instability when trying to get on your character.

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