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New World Star Metal respawn times and farms

We go through all the best New World Starmetal farms, locations and more

Updated: Nov 30, 2021 12:34 pm
New World Star Metal respawn times and farms

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New World’s crafting system is rather intertwined within itself. Plenty of New World’s crating skills, such as armorsmithing, engineering, and more require various metals, all stemming from skinning, mining and more. As you make it to the higher tier crafts, you will need to make your items from higher tier materials. One of these is Starmetal. Starmetal is an ore you can mine throughout Aeternum. 

Since New World’s Starmetal is so precious, we will teach you all you need to know about Starmetal. Expect to see New World Starmetal respawn timers, locations, farm routes, and more throughout this guide.

New World Starmetal Locations

New World Starmetal
New World Starmetal locations are often in higher level caves or other compact areas.

Starmetal is an ore that tends to spawn much more frequently in the mid-game zones, along with more dangerous elite areas. You will tend to find New World Starmetal locations in places like Weaver’s Fen, Cutlass Keys, Brightwood and such zones. However, you can find Starmetal locations worldwide; but they tend to be rarer in the starting zones, though.

Furthermore, you can typically find the New World Starmetal locations in dense mob areas, adding some difficulty to acquiring them. Although, there tend to be dense Starmetal spawns of all sizes.

Some good examples of these New World Starmetal locations include the areas below. Note most of these areas have a minimum of five Starmetal locations in a small area, making them really easy to gather. Do be aware these locations contain a mixture of level 28 to level 40 areas, so you should have somewhere to farm for every point of your mid-game level range. Lastly, make sure you have a Steel mining pick, as you can’t mine Starmetal otherwise.

  • Stone Skull Fort – located in Cutlass keys, surrounded by level 40 NPCs.
  • Rothhoard Hollow – the surrounding cliffs and ridges of Rothhourd Hollow has several Starmetal spawns. There are a few level 28 NPCs in the area you may have to fight.
  • Lush Hideaway – Brightwood area with level 32 Angry Earth enemies.
  • South Vega Bridge – This bridge in Weaver’s Fen has 10 Starmetal locations that you can grab. The hostels in the area are roughly level 32-24. Some spawns are on the rocky areas you can see on your map while dotted around the bridge’s ruins.
  • Treetop Terror- The area of the Restless Shore has roughly two to three Starmetal locations on each of the three bluffs that the camp is settled between.
  • Boarsholm – The Restless Shore houses an area filled with level 45 boars. However, you can get roughly nine Starmetal depositions in this location, spread across the surrounding hills.

New World Starmetal Farm Routes

If you’re wondering where to find Starmetal, these are some of the best Starmetal farms and routes you can come across.

The first up is for level 50 onwards, with the most western side of the route only available for level 60s. It is an end game levelling area, as the western side is filled with level 60 Corrupted elite enemies. If you stick to the cliffside, where the ore is located, you might not aggro the mobs, but you’re playing a dangerous game regardless.

New World Starmetal Farm Great Cleave

Alternatively, you can use this Starmetal farm route in Brightwood. There’s quite a lot of dead space between all the Starmetal location hotspots. But, if you follow the black area, you’ll find exactly where to find Starmetal in Brightwood. It is also worth mentioning this is probably the best Starmetal route to follow if you’re only just entering the level 30-39 bracket.

New World Starmetal Farm Brightwood

If you’re up for some adventure in Mourningdale, there are two decent routes, but they are small and spread apart. Also, it is worth mentioning that this route is a bit of a pain as the Starmetal locations are scattered on the sea level and on the hills. More so, there is some travel time between routes one and two. Once you clear these out, you can try to follow the hills along the beach to the far east of the zone. Starmetal locations are scattered all over that beach, but they are few and far between. It should be enough time to grab them and head back for the ore to respawn in the previous area. 

New World Starmetal Farm Mourningdale

New World Starmetal Respawn timers

Like most ores in New World, Starmetal seems to follow a similar trend. The smaller deposits of Starmetal seems to share a very similar spawn timer to Iron, ranging between 5-10 minutes. For the much larger Starmetal deposits, you could be waiting 20 minutes for them to respawn. You can start tracking Starmetal at 125 mining skill, allowing you to keep a closer eye on these spawns if you’re running between routes.

Featured image via Fandom Wiki. Map information via New World map.

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