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New World Trading Post – sell your items on an auction house

We explain what a Trading Post is in New World, along with how to make money in New World

Updated: Nov 30, 2021 10:44 am
New World Trading Post – sell your items on an auction house

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New World is not so different from other MMORPGs, offering players the opportunity to sell their goods, crafts, and stock onto an auction house for profit. Throughout the settlements, you can find stalls called trading posts, which allow you to sell your goods to other players.

The New World Trading Post has a few interactions and features that you will need to know if you want to dominate the economy.

Where to sell items in New World

If you’re not interested in salvaging your weapons for some basic gold, and salvage parts to repair your gear, you can sell them instead. However, New World does not have any vendors you can sell your gear to for raw gold. Instead, you will likely test the waters for selling stock to other players on a New World trading post. Simply go to any settlement, find the Trading Post, and list your goods for sale.

How to Make Money in New World

We highly recommend working on your gathering skills, collecting items like Petal Cap, Hemp, Iron Ore, Water Arcana for some of the more popular crafting skills. You can also skin and collect meats from wild animals like boar, as sausage is good food for your early levelling.

As you get in more and more into the game, you can focus on selling items that crafters need to make end game gear. Crafted gear is very good in New World, with it being one of the best ways to get end game gear. Find the primary materials a crafter needs for those weapons or armour pieces and make money that way. Alternatively, become the crafter and get the reputation for being a great crafter on a server.

Remember to use your servers world chat and get sales from real players in real-time. You can then mee that person if they are nearby and trade directly to them. 

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If you are crafting in bulk, you can sell items in bulk too. You can set how much of your stock you want to sell and how much for. You can then sell the same item for a different amount if you think the stock at the Trading posts will dip[ to meet a new value. You can also do the same for buying orders. Set your price, and if a seller matches your buy order, you will get the shipment.

How to collect money from New World Trading Posts

You have to retrain your brain in this MMO because there are no mailboxes for trade. FFXIV and WoW both have a trading post system, in which you’ll collect your goods or gold from a mailbox or a Moogle. New World has neither system. Instead, your items and gold will arrive directly into your inventory. If you don’t have space, make some, and it should appear.

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