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Amazon Games confirms a New World PTR client is coming

Amazon Games have confirmed a New World PTR will shape future content patches.

Updated: Nov 30, 2021 2:49 pm
New World PTR

Amazon Games has announced a New World PTR server, which allows players to playtest upcoming content changes. The news is absolutely incredible for the game’s health, offering players the chance to test new features, content and find bugs much earlier on. 

What is the New World PTR?

Since New World is some people’s very first MMO, we will clarify what a PTR is. A PTR is a public test realm, allowing players to beta test upcoming content patches for a game. These servers tend to be special clients, which is how the New World PTR works.

At this very moment, 1.0.6 patch content is on the PTR servers, which players can test out right now. If you log in to the New World PTR servers, then you will find new content that you can test ahead of its implementation into the live servers. If the technical test works as intended, we will have information on the New World 1.0.6 patch notes within the next 10 hours (based on the time of writing). We can imagine this will more or less be the case from most of the content patches moving forward, but we’ll need to wait and see.

Hopefully, the PTR sessions help to remove bugs, and not cause the absolute mess that was the bugs caused in 1.0.4.

How to get the New World PTR

If you’re interested in spending time on the New World PTR, then you can download it in your Steam Library. You should be able to find the client in your Steam Library. At the time of writing, it is not present in WePC’s steam client, but rest assured that if you own New World, it will pop up.

As it stands, the New World PTR servers go live at 12pm PT on November 10. It means the east coast players can expect it at 3 PM ET, while we European can get it at 7 PM GMT(Lisbon/London) or 8 PM GMT+1 (Central Europe).

Note, Amazon Games will announce ahead of time when the PTR servers are live, so they can get people in to test at the appropriate times. You can read more about the PTR on New World’s website.

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