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How to resolve New World’s Steam unrecoverable error

Players have reported the Steam error appearing, even when Steam is running

Updated: Nov 30, 2021 2:27 pm
New World unrecoverable error

As Amazon Games’ MMORPG only continues to grow in popularity, some players are reporting that they are unable to play thanks to an “unrecoverable error.” This error states that Steam must be running to play New World, even if Steam is running at the time. As such, it’s not a straightforward fix, so read on to learn how to fix it.

New World unrecoverable error while Steam is running

new world unrecoverable error

This error seems to be a persistent issue for a number of players, and will completely prevent you from playing New World until resolved. There are a few different fixes that have been reported to work for different people, so try the following resolutions until you find one that works.

Try turning it off and on again

Yep. That old chestnut. Some users have actually reported that simply restarting your PC will help with this issue. It’s probably the least reliable, but it’s the easiest, so may as well give it a go first, right?

Reinstall New World

If the old reboot doesn’t work, another classic fix that may solve your problems is reinstalling New World altogether. Again, this isn’t guaranteed, and is a bit more involved than just restarting your PC, so we’ll leave the decision to try this one up to you.

Reinstall Easy Anti-Cheat

easy anticheat new world steam unrecoverable error
Easy Anti-cheat

If a simple reboot doesn’t get rid of the error message, then you may need to go in and reinstall EAC, as it appears this is the root of the problem. Amazon Gaming have mentioned this fix on Twitter, crediting AMD guides writer Danotage with the fix.

  • In your Steam Library, go to New World – Settings – Manage – Browse local files. This will open up your New World folder in file explorer.
  • Open EasyAntiCheat folder and run the Anticheat setup – EasyAntiCheat_Setup.exe.
  • Ensure New World is selected, and click Repair Service.

Hopefully, this will reinstate EAC and stop confusing Steam, allowing you to re-enter Aeternum.

Verify file integrity

If the above still hasn’t worked for you, there is one last fix which, if you’ve made it this far, will hopefully get you back into your New World adventure.

  • Right click on New World in your Steam Library
  • Click Properties – Local Files – Verify integrity of game files

This simple fix may work straightaway. If not, there is an additional step that may be required.

  • In your Steam Library, go to New World – Settings – Manage – Browse local files. This will open up your New World folder in file explorer.
  • Open EasyAntiCheat folder
  • Open Certificates folder
  • If there are files in the Certificates folder, delete them.
  • Verify the identity of the game files again by following the steps above.

Hopefully, one of these options will work for you and get you back in the game. Let us know in the comments below if you are still receiving the error message or, if not, which fix worked for you.

Once you’re back in, check out our ever-increasing list of New World guides to help on your journey through Aeternum.

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