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New World unable to connect to log in server error code is causing unfixable queue disconnects

A New World "unable to connect to log in server" error code is causing more people to lose their space in the queues

Updated: Dec 7, 2021 8:56 pm
New World unable to connect to log in server

Update. We have noticed more and more players are encountering this issue despite the game months into its launch. It appears it is due to issues relating to Amazon Web Services, which explains why you may have encountered other issues with other platforms or services recently. If you encounter this issue, then it can also relate to the AWS outages. It means there’s nothing you can do until the network engineers at AWS fix the issues they are facing, which is unrelated to Amazon Games’ networking team.

Original story

Just when fans of New World figured out that some of the error codes many are experiencing were fake errors, easily ignored by simply waiting, another one takes their places. The sad news is that the New World “cannot connect to log in server” error code that isn’t ignorable, as it actually disconnects you from the login server. If you get this message, chances are you are going to the back of your server queue if you are in a big queue.

New World unable to connect to log in server

The New World unable to connect to the log in server appears to be exactly what it says it is. It is an error code that means the log in servers seem to have failed, whether it is on your PC or the New World log in servers experiencing issues. If you get it, it means that your client has lost connection to the server, and they are no longer able to ‘handshake’, forcing you out of the queue, as the server no longer receives a connection from your client for whatever reason. 

Sadly, it means you are going to lose your place in the queue. The New World servers seem to have actually lost connection with you. You will lose your place in the queue during that time, and your play button will grey out temporarily. According to some players in the forums, the button was greyed out for at least 10 minutes, while one player said they had to completely restart their client to begin queuing for the game again.
If you’re hoping for a fix, it appears that you should make sure your computer hasn’t randomly disconnected from the internet. Considering the current state of the New World servers, chances are it is the login queues breaking. However, it is worth checking your networking to see if there were any brief outages. If it is an issue on your end, you can follow these techniques to help you get back on New World servers without disconnecting.

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