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The Void Gauntlet is New World’s next weapon

The New World Void Gauntlet is coming, becoming the first hybrid Intellect and Focus weapon in the game.

Updated: Nov 30, 2021 2:49 pm
New World Void Gauntlet

Amazon Games has finally confirmed the long-rumoured New World Void Gauntlet weapon. The new weapon is a magical weapon, which features both magical damage and supports based capabilities. Here is what we know about the new weapon coming to the game.

New World Void Gauntlet: What we know

The Void Gauntlet is New World’s first-ever Intellect and Focus scaling weapon. The weapon uses a mixture of support skills that help to buff allies, while the weapon can spec into Intellect to do damage. The first tree is the Annihilation tree, which turns the Void Gauntlet into a purple energy sword as if it was pulled straight from the Halo franchise. On the other hand, you can use the power of the void to support allies, granting them powerful buffs in the Decaying tree.

New World Void Gauntlet Skills

Unfortunately, we do not know the exact abilities of the Void Gauntlet until it hits the New World PTR. However, we can get an idea of the skills through the recent leaks and datamining. The official announcement of the Void Gauntlet includes the name of two skills in particular, which are among the leaks. The Decaying Orb is a spell that reduces an enemies damage absorption, making them easier to kill. It turns into a healing orb at the end of its cast, restoring health to allies nearby. As for the Void Blade, it is a skill that summons a blade, the attacks; regardless if it is a heavy or light attack apply disintegrate, which deals weapon damage a second to the target, and reduces the damage absorption the unit takes.

If you’re interested in getting a preview before, you can check out the datamined page and see what’s expected and the source of the leaks.

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Void Gauntlet Legendary Quest

The New World Void Gauntlet is getting its own legendary quest. Every weapon has a legendary quest chain, requiring you to grind to acquire a purple quality 580 Gear Score weapon. The Void Gauntlet is going to join in on the fun, although the way you unlock it is slightly different. The legendary quest kicks off in Reekwater, and you’ll need to speak to Antiquarian Abbington to start the quest. Note, you need to complete Magaki’s Stratagem in Shattered Mountain and Legatus Fulvius’ quest before you can start the Void Gauntlet legendary quest. 

New World Void Gauntlet Release Date

While Amazon Games confirmed that the Void Gauntlet is the next New World weapon, it sadly does not have a release date. There are quite a few new bits of content to come in New World, including a new Varangian faction from the north, named after Vikings in the employ of the Byzantine Emperor, historically speaking anyway. And, there is quite a few new mission types and main story missions coming along for both PvE and PvP. It is possible the Void Gauntlet release date can be as early as 1.0.6, but it’s unlikely. With how big these content updates are going to be, we will likely see it at the earliest 1.0.7 and potentially as late as 1.1.0. Either way, it would make sense to get it by the end of November or the start of December at the latest, especially since the weapon seemed almost complete even before the game’s launch.

You can read more about the future content on New World’s blog post.

Featured image via Amazon Games.

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