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New World Void Gauntlet skills and passives guide

Halo meets Lovecraftian horrors.

Updated: Nov 30, 2021 3:08 pm
New World Void Gauntlet skills and passives guide

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Amazon Games has confirmed that the Void Gauntlet is the first post-launch content weapon. The news came out of nowhere and is great news for Intelligence and Healer builds. As it currently stands, the weapon is available for testing over on the New World PTR. We managed to get ourselves on the PTR earlier, and so, we have taken note of the various New World Void Gauntlet skills and passives.

Please note, these are the current weapons scaling and percentages as of the PTR. At any moment, Amazon Games may nerf or buff the Void Gauntlet, making our numbers incorrect. If that happens and we manage to catch it, we will update the article.

New World Void Gauntlet skills and passives

Before we go into the Void Gauntlet’s skills, there are a few things you need to know. Firstly, the Void Gauntlet has some very unique mechanics. While the Void Gauntlet has a light and heavy attack, performed by the usual hotkeys, it has a unique right click mechanic. Holding right-click with the Void Gauntlet doesn’t block. Instead, you perform a lifetap known as Harvest Essence. It reduces your current health, returning mana over time in compensation. Both weapon trees in the Void Gauntlet have passives that interact with the Harvest Essence mechanic.  

On the other hand, the Void Gauntlet’s heavy attacks restore 20% of the weapon damage as health every time you land a heavy attack. The Heavy attack health restoration can increase with certain passives. Below we show you a picture of what the Void Gauntlet skills look like, along with a table for each section, detailing in full the Void Gauntlet’s skills and passives under each tree. Note, if the description says it scales with Focus, the healing will only scale with Focus, not Intellect, which the Void Gauntlet weapon damage scales with alongside Focus.

Void Gauntlet Harvest Essence
Here are the unique interactions the Void Gauntlet has.

One last thing, we have abbreviated a few times during the descriptions. VG = Void Gauntlet, for example. Keep it in mind when reading the skills and passives.

Void Gauntlet Annihilation Skills

Void Gauntlet Skill Tree
Here is a visualization of the New World Void Gauntlet skill trees.
Annihilation Skills and skill upgradesDescriptionRow
Void BladeTurns your weapon into a void blade. Light attacks deal 100% weapon damage, while holding the attack unleashes a thrust attack dealing 150% weapon damage. Both types of attacks apply Disintegrate. This debuff reduces damage absorption by 5% and deals 5% weapon damage second. The buff stacks up to three times and lasts eights seconds. The Void Blade last for 15 seconds.1
Fortified BladeGain Fortifyy whenever you cast Void blade, increasing damage absorption by 20% for five seconds.2
Vicious Void10% crit damage on all Void Blade attacks.4
Leeching BladeThurst attacks heal for 5% weapon damage per Disintegrate stack. Scales with focus. 5
Petrifying ScreamScream at your enemy, and deal 100% weapon damage. Enemies hit are staggered and rooted in place for two seconds. Disables all movement in the process.3
Bone Chilling VoiceRoot Duration increased by one second on enemies on less than 50% hp.4
Fortifying EchoesGain 10% Fotifiy for ten seconds, stacking per enemy hit.5
OblivionSummons a circular void rift at your feet that deals 30% weapon damage a second. Meanwhile, you and your allies get Empower, increasing damage dealt by 20%. The spell has a 5-meter radius and last six seconds.2
Withering OblivionOblivion releases Weaken on enemy shit, reducing damage dealt by 5% per stack. Stacks up to three times.3
Invigorating OblivionYou and your allies gain 15 stamina while inside the Oblivion cast.4

Void Gauntlet Annihilation Passives

Annihilation PassivesDescriptionRow
Forsaken Pact10% damage while above 50% HP1
Keen Confidence10% Crit Chance while above 50% health.1
Keen HumilityGain 10% Crit Chance while all skills are on cooldown.2
Refreshing Precision+10% cooldown reduction when you successfully land a crit.2
Empowering ProximetyGain Empower when you cast an ability within 5m of an enemy. Increases damage by 10%, and stacks up to three times. Lasts 5 seconds.3
Efficient HarvestHarvest Essence’s health drain is reduced by 50% when below 25% HP.3
Leeching AgonyWhen you crit, you gain 15% of that weapon damage back as HP.4
Refreshing Frailty+5% CDR when you hit enemies affected with three stacks of a debuff. (can be from different debuffs)5
VoidcallerGain a stack of Void Essence whenever you attack an enemy. At six stacks, you emit an aura that consumes your stacks of Void Essence. The aura heals yourself and all allies and damages all enemies within 3 meters for 30% weapon damage. The healing in this perk scales with Focus6*

*Requires 10 points in Annihilation before you can invest a weapon mastery point into it.

Void Gauntlet Decay Skills

Decay Skills and skill upgradesDescriptionRow
Orb of DecayLaunch an unblockable orb that deals 100% weapon damage and inflicts Disintegrate (See Void Blade). At max range, it runs into a healing orb, that returns to you, healing allies in range for 20% weapon damage each second for five seconds. Healing scales with Focus.1
Draining OrbGain +5% manna for each enemy hit.2
Slowing OrbAny enemy hit with the orb that has a debuff get slowed for 30% movement speed for three seconds.3
Detonating OrbYou can detonate the ability while it is travelling to or from your character, creating an explosion 4m wide. If it is healing mode, it will heal for 70% weapon damage  If it is in void mode, it deals 100% weapon damage and applies Disintegrate to them. 4
Baleful TetherYou can tether yourself to a foe for ten seconds or until the tether extends 15m. You can Empower, while the enemy gains Weaken.2
Tethered RefreshSuccessfully hitting an enemy you tether to reduces VG cooldowns by 5%3
Tethered FocusRegen 100% mana while tethered.4
Soul EaterRegain 80% of tethered damage as HP if the target dies while tethered.5
Essense RuptureFires a projectile that inflicts Essence Rupture to the target. Allies who hit the target heal for 20% of the damage done to them. (excludes DoT damage)3
Invigorating RupturePlayers get 15 stamina back when hitting Essence Ruptured targets.4
Overflowing EssenceAllies within 4m of the target heal for 80% of your Void Gauntler’s weapon damage when Essence Rupture expires. (scales with Focus)5

Void Gauntlet Decay Passives

Decay PassivesDescriptionRow
Deadly Range+10% damage to your heavy attacks against target 8m away or more.1
Fervent Thirst+5% mana return when you hit enemies hurt with your VG’s debuffs.1
Radiant EfficiencyMana Costs are reduced while above 50% mana.2
Refreshing HarvestReduce your cooldown by 10% for every second you maintain Harvest Essence.2
Leeching BoltsYour healing from heavy attacks is increased by 305 if the target is below 50% HP.3
Extended SufferingSuccessful heavy attacks against a target extend non CC debuffs you applied by 10%4
Mending EvasionDodging while at full mana heals you for 80% weapon damage. (Scales with Focus)5
Glimpse of the VoidGain a stack of Void Essence for every successful skill hit. At four stacks, your cooldowns are instantly reset, which consumes all active stacks. This has a 15-second cooldown.6*

*Requires 10 points in Annihilation before you can invest a weapon mastery point into it.

What do you think of the Void Gauntlet skills and passives? Which skills do you think are the most fun. Let us know in the comments below!

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