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The New World Well Guardian guide

The Well Guardian appears to be the biggest hurdle in the MSQ so far.

Updated: Nov 30, 2021 1:46 pm
The New World Well Guardian guide

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With many players making their way through the leveling process of New World, many are reaching the final hurdle. As players reach level 50, they are given the Selfless Nature quest, which requires you to go out into the world and beat a boss called the Well Guardian. While players have faced several world bosses already, the New World Well Guardian appears to be the first frustration point for many players.

The New World Well Guardian is a level 60 elite boss that typically requires 10 players to take on the boss. What makes it worse is that it requires players to be on the exact same quest as each other to enter the Well Guardian’s lair. While it is not too much of an issue, it seems like this could be a potential bottleneck point for new players. The only players who seem capable of soloing it are level 60’s with decent gear. However, it is a bit of an ask for players to leave their main story quest for ten levels to progress.

Some players have even bugged the boss to make it possible to beat it. YouTuber ItzTermx has a detailed guide on how the tank should position to prevent the boss from overkilling the party. It is rather buggy and may get fixed soon. If you’re looking for that quick fix to get over the hurdle, this might be for you.

New World Well Guardian Guide

If you’re still after doing it the intended way, then we recommend doing the following.

  • 1-2 Tanks: Have one player main tank the boss with a good shield and a constitution build, which healers then support. Have a second tank spare who can off tank reliably if the main tank does drop.
  • 2 Healers: Two healers should be enough to heal the tank(s) as well as any damage the damage dealers or other healers take.
  • The rest of the party(s) should contain damage dealers, ideally ranged damage dealers that can climb on top of the various ledgers and deal damage.

While you are fighting the boss, you will have two main skills to dodge from the Well Guardian.

  • The first boss ability is the charge. The Well Guardian looks at the player with threats and charges towards them. You and your party will need to dodge it in order not to take collateral damage. 
  • The second main ability is the spikes. The boss periodically sends spikes around in a small radius, dealing damage to all those around it. You cannot really avoid it all too well, so make sure the melee and tank have heals on them.
  • Lastly, you should be aware that the Motherwell, the place where the Well Guardian resides, is filled with Blight, so you’ll need to have Blight potions on you to survive the encounter.

If you’re attempting to solo this, then there is a technique you can use. At the very left of the Motherwell entrance, you will find a ledge. You can aggro the boss with a ranged weapon and then climb on top of the ledge to hit the boss. The boss shouldn’t hit you with its melee attacks, as long as your back remains against the wall. However, its spike skill will still hit you. Although, it appears melee players may have a harder time. If you can, respec your weapon to do more damage via skills or focus more on ranged like the Hatchet’s throwing or the Spears 3m+ buffs. Two-handed weapons should have no trouble reaching, but just be careful on overextending and getting slapped.

If you are soloing, do be aware you’ll need lots of consumables to survive the Blight, unavoidable damage and more. The boss has a lot of health, so it appears that you could spend 30 minutes plus trying to solo it.

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