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New World Winter Convergence Festival guide

Come and enjoy the new New World Christmas event, which is now live.

Updated: Dec 17, 2021 2:56 pm
New World Winter Convergence Festival New World Christmas

The New World Christmas event has arrived. Players can celebrate the New World Winter Convergence Festival, bringing with it snowfall to Aeternum. While the event lasts, players can come across shooting stars, track presents, and take part in community Christmas villages and more. Here is everything you need to know about the New World Winter Convergence Festival.

New World Winter Convergence Festival: What is it?

The New World Christmas event was announced in November 2021, with players getting the opportunity to test it on the PTR. During the PTR, players got to experience chasing presents, finding asteroids, and more, which has moved over to the game’s live servers and is playable right now.

When you get onto your server, you will find the Convergence Spirit, which is a special town project. Players can work together to improve their Settlement’s festive Tree of Light. Moreover, every day you interact with a settlement’s Tree of Light, you will get presents as part of the New World Christmas celebrations. Level 60 players can also get Diamond Gypsum the new system that helps players get a better watermark, or expertise on a specific slot nowadays.

Next up is the lost presents. Throughout Aeternum, you will come across lost presents, which were stolen from settlements by evil creatures. If you find any lost presents, you can take them to the new winter villages, and exchange them for the New World winter tokens.

New World winter tokens farms

New World Winter Tokens cosmetics
Here is a look at the items you can get by spending your winter tokens. Image via Amazon Games.

If you’re curious as to what New World’s winter tokens and wInter villages are, they are new villages, filled with new event vendors, and of course, Aeternum’s equivalent to Santa. These vendors are the home of new cosmetic items you can earn by collecting these winter tokens. Expect to get your hands on armor, weapon, furnishings, emotes and more by collecting winter tokens.

For the PvE players out there, you can get plenty of new quests from these villages, with the earliest quest for level 15 players. If you’re a max level, you can work your way up to the end of the New World Winter Convergence Festival questline. 

Ona final note, you can find falling stars during the New World Christmas holidays. Gleamite will fall from the sky, with players getting the chance to collect while they are out in the world. You can only find them in the game world at night, so keep your eyes and ears peeled for the chance to get new crystals, which is another way of grabbing winter tokens from the event’s vendors. 

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