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New World Winter Wanderer Guide: Locations, Rep farm and more

Here is everything you need to know about the New World Winter Wanderer

Updated: Dec 17, 2021 2:58 pm
New World Winter Wanderer

The New World WInter Converge Festival has arrived, and there’s against loveable Yeti that is your new event reputation giver. The yeti is the spirit of Christmas, aka the New World WInter Wanderer, who you will interact with a lot over the holidays. The new New World Winter Wanderer has lots to offer including, reputation, goodies, Christmas presents and more awards for those who interact with him for the length of the event.

New World Winter Village locations – Where to find the Winter Wanderer?

The New World Winter Wandered is an NPC you can find in the various Christmas villages that have sprouted around Aeternum. There are four New World Winter Villages, which you can find in Weaver’s Fen, Brightwood, Everfall and Monarch’s Buff.

Each of these villages offers players the chance to get Christmas presents every day. So, make sure to note where they are and try visiting them as much as you can.

New World Winter Wanderer Reputation

While the event lasts, there is a new reputation you can farm. The ranks of reputation you can get are:

  1. Reveler – starting rank
  2. Celebrant – 1000 rep
  3. Merrymaker – 3000 rep
  4. Joybringer – 6000
  5. Holiday Regent – max rep

Like all reps, you will unlock new items to get your hands on. There’s a variety of weapons, armor pieces and more to unlock.

How to get rep with the Winter Wanderer?

If you want farm reputation with the Winter Wanderer, then you’ll need to so the daily content. You get 125 rep every time you open a present from each of the Winter Villages. It means you get 500 rep a day if you go to each village. It means you get 12,500 rep just by grabbing the present every single day the event is available from, which is December 16 – January 11. Not to mention every single Settlement has a Tree of Light, which is worked on over the vent through Community Board missions. Each of these trees gives 100 rep, allowing you to get to Celebrant in no time at all.

However, that method will only get you to the required reputation. If you want to get items from the ranks and stock up on Winter Convergence cosmetics, you’ll need to farm tokens. You can get Winter Tokens and Winter Wanderer reputation, for that matter, through the Gleaming meteors and finding lost presents. While you’re out in the world, you can find lost presents and collect Gleaming meteors that crash down at night. If you stumble upon these items, you can return to a New World Winter Wanderer villages and get Winter Tokens you can spend on items.

Is also worth mentioning farming Christmas present grants you Diamond Gypsum, which you can use to level your expertise.

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