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Minecraft Snapshot 22w18a Fixes Allays Pathfinding

Snapshot 22w18a is here and finally Allays won't keep getting lost...hopefully

Updated: May 4, 2022 8:04 pm
Minecraft 22w18a Snapshot featured image

Another week, another Minecraft snapshot to hold us over until The Wild Update comes. This week, Minecraft Snapshot 22w18a mostly comes with some more minor changes to Allays, but we’ve also got some technical tweaks, a new animation for the Warden’s sonic boom, and some slight alterations to the way that vibration sensing works.

Minecraft Snapshot 22w18a – Allays Actually Follow You Now

Minecraft 22w18a Snapshot Allays

One of the biggest updates to anything in the game surrounds Allays, the floating spirits that carry your stuff for you. Specifically, this update changes the way that pathfinding works when the Allay is supposed to be following you. In previous versions, an Allay would stop following the moment that it lost line of sight on you.

With the new update, Allays will keep following you even if they can’t see you, at least until you get 64 blocks ahead of them where they will lose interest in you once again. Still, it’s nice to know that you won’t lose your floaty friend so easily now.

Textures and Vibrations

Minecraft 22w18a Snapshot Warden Animation

Some of the other new changes related more closely to the Warden, rather than the Allays. For instance, the animation of the sonic boom attack has been altered slightly, so you’ll have something new to look out for while you’re running for your life.

The other big changes for Warden’s related to how they’re spawned and how they track the player. Wardens, Skulk Sensors, and Skulk Shriekers will all now listen to the closest vibration to them, rather than listening out for the earliest vibration in each tick, which should help detection to be much more accurate when playing multiplayer.

A New ‘Place’ Command

Minecraft Snapshot 22w18a Place command

The final major update in Minecraft Snapshot 22w18a is a new command, or rather a new version of an old command. The placefeature command has now been replaced with the place command, making it a fair bit more versatile.

As well as using it to spawn features, you can now also spawn jigsaw blocks and full structures, assuming that you can actually wrap your head around the way those commands work at least.

If you want to learn more about the changes coming in the snapshot then you can check the full changelog on the official Minecraft website.

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