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When is the Next Apex Legends Season?

Learn all about the next Apex Legends season.

Updated: Apr 20, 2023 9:59 am
When is the Next Apex Legends Season?

With each new Season, Apex Legends tends to add many different things to keep players engaged.

The current Season, 14, brought many changes to many maps, such as Kings Canyon. 

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But now that we’ve gotten the Ranked Split 2, which usually happens during the midpoint or near the second half of a season, fans are wondering when the next Apex Legends Season will drop and what kind of changes can be expected.

If you’re wondering about the same, then worry not, as we’ll cover everything out there!

When is the Next Apex Legends Season?

Let’s get the most significant question out of the way. Apex Legends 15 will release on November 1st, 2022, as known leaker Tom Henderson indicated on Twitter in early September.

During October, we’ll be getting the Fight or Fright event which will have many LTMs split across the different weeks. All those events will end on November 1st, likely when Apex Legends Season 15 will drop. We’ll likely get the Season Finale-related lore events during October as well, which might be why we aren’t getting any thematic events this year.

But it is worth considering that Respawn Entertainment hasn’t confirmed anything from their end. The release date we’ve mentioned is all speculated, but various sources have supported it.

For example, the in-game Season 14’s Battle Pass also ends on November 1st, 2022. Additionally, Apex Legends tends to bring updates every Tuesday, and the date perfectly aligns with that. 

And perhaps one of the most credible sources behind the release date is Tom Henderson, who tweeted saying that the new Season, named Eclipse, will release on November 1st, 2022. 

Season 15 Leaks and Rumours

Besides the release date, we’ve got a few other leaks related to the theme of the Season, a new map, different weapons, skins, and a lot more!

Season 15 Map and Theme

Season 15 of Apex Legends will be known as Eclipse, and the new map will likely take place on the moon. There’s a chance that the lore will focus a bit on Seer, added in Season 10, and his backstory.

As for the map, it is supposedly called Divided Moon. The leaks have suggested that the map might be the second smallest map in Apex Legends, with a slightly flat-shaped terrain. Considering we’ll be on the moon, Respawn might play around with gravity mechanics, floating rocks, and even running trains. 

Season 15 New Characters

According to the leaks, there seems to be a chance that two different characters (or maybe just one) might be added as part of Apex Legends Season 15.

The first character, which seems to be the most probable addition, is Catalyst. She will have access to a ferrofluid, allowing her to create simple structures. These can be doors, ramps, or pillars to help her avoid shots and develop tactical strategies. 

As for the other character, players have noticed that in the Apex Legends files is a character named Husaria. The same name appeared during Season 12 leaks, and players thought Mad Maggie was codenamed Husaria. But the fact that the name has resurfaced again could suggest the possibility of Husaria being a character of its own. 

Season 15 New Weapon

Respawn hasn’t added any new weapons to Apex Legends since Season 11 simply because they feel comfortable with the current weapon pool. However, there might be a chance that we might get a weapon called Nemesis, a burst Assault Rifle similar to the Hemlock. 

But apparently, Nemesis will charge up while damaging enemies, and at full charge, it can act as a fully automatic weapon. 

Other minor leaks suggest all sorts of different skins and nerf to the iron sights, but the main takeaways are the possibility of a new map, characters, weapon, and the start of the new Season. So, with that, you now know everything there is to know about the upcoming Season 15 of Apex Legends. The moon concept certainly seems interesting and could add much value to the gameplay!

When is the Next Apex Legends Season FAQs

What is Apex Season 15 going to be called?

According to infamous leaker Tom Henderson, season 15 of Apex is going to be known as ‘Eclipse.’

How often are new Apex Legends seasons?

There is some variance between exact dates, but Apex Legends aims to have 4 seasons per year, on a quarterly schedule. History shows that new seasons arrive in February, May, August, and November.

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