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Oblivion Console Commands – Cheat Codes and More in 2022

Updated: May 8, 2022 11:14 pm
Oblivion Console Commands – Cheat Codes and More in 2022

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Oblivion was one of the most popular entries in the Elder Scrolls series when it first came out. As the first entry in the series during the seventh generation of console, it did everything Morrowind managed to do and much more. It’s been out for over a decade and a half at this point, and people have spent an insane amount of time figuring out all of the nooks and crannies that the game has to hide, but where is there to go from here? Luckily, console commands might just hold the answer to that question.

You can use console commands to alter the gameplay experience completely. Whether you’re spawning in powerful items, updating your stats, or even flying through walls as an invincible god, there’s almost nothing that you can’t do with Oblivion console commands.

How to Open the Console

You’ll have to do some slight tinkering with the internal files of Oblivion to enable console commands. Navigate to your ‘My Documents’ folder and locate My Games>Oblivion. Inside, you’ll find the Oblivion.ini file, which can be edited using your notepad application. Open the file and add the line below under the [Interface] heading. Bear in mind that some versions of the game may already have the line included, but make sure that the number is set to 1, not 0, or the console won’t open. Once you’ve done this, press the key underneath your Esc key to open the console.

Oblivion Useful Console Commands

Oblivion Console Commands Floating

There are a plethora of different commands that you can use in Oblivion, so we’ve separated the commands into different sections below to make them easier for you to find.

Oblivion Item Spawning Console Commands

Spawning items is insanely useful in Oblivion, especially since they patched out that item duplication glitch that made the launch of the game so much fun. When you’re spawning items, use the formula below:

player.additem [Item ID] [Amount]

Each item has its own Item ID which you need to substitute for the [Item ID] tag in the code above. [Amount] refers to the number of said item that you want to spawn. Here’s an example of a command that will give you 1,000,000 gold:

player.additem 000000f 1000000

Below are some item codes for essential items in the game. You can also find out what a particular item’s ID is by dropping it onto the ground, then clicking on the item you want to spawn. If an item isn’t noted down below, you can easily find it yourself, and it’s a good idea to note down or learn any item IDs that you plan on using often.

Item NameItem ID
Potion of Strong Healing00009311
Potion of Strong Invisibility0009847E
Potion of Strong Magicka000092F9
Umbra Sword00026B22
Apotheosis (Powerful Stave)000CA153
Brusef Amelion’s Boots0012DD1B
Brusef Amelion’s Cuirass000091FA
Brusef Amelion’s Gauntlets 0012DD1A
Brusef Amelion’s Greaves 0012DD18
Brusef Amelion’s Helmet0012DD19
Brusef Amelion’s Shield0012DD1C
Azura’s Star (Re-usable Soul Gem)00000193
Bow of Infliction000CA156
Daedric Arrows0001EFD3

Oblivion Character Console Commands

Once you’re done spawing in your all-powerful arsenal, you’ll be able to use these commands to give your character a bit of a make over. Bear in mind, these commands have the potential to make you insanely powerful, but they can also be useful if you’re testing stuff in the game, or just want to skip to more late-game areas. Both [Skill Name] and [Attribute Name] refere to the name of the attribute or skill in question, but without any spaces, such as Hand To Hand, becoming, HandToHand.

Command EffectConsole Command
Forces the level up dialogueadvlevel
Advanced [skill name] by [amount] (only use in small doses)advskill [skill name] [amount]
Reports what [Attribute Name] is currently set to. player.GetAV [Attribute Name]
Sets [Attribute Name] to [Amount] (also works on health, magicka, etc)player.SetAV [Attribute Name] [Amount]
Sets your size to [Amount], 1 is normal human size, 2 is giant, 0.5 is smallplayer.SetScale [Amount]
Removes all spell effects from the playerplayer.dispellallspells
Sets your level to [Amount]player.setlevel [amount]
Brings up the Race/Appearance menu again showracemenu
Brings up class menu again (removes all current skills) showclassmenu
Brings up Birth Sign menu again showbirthsignmenu

Oblivion Cheat Console Commands

Oblivion Console Commands Dangerous Swordsman

Once you’re done messing around with spawnign items and altering your character, you can enjoy this slightly more overpowered commands. Remember, you’ll be dramatically altering your gameplay experience with these, and in most cases, removing all challenge form the game, so use them at your own risk.

Command EffectConsole Command
Turns on god mode TGM
Turns of clippingTCL
Kills everyone nearby (good and bad) KillAll
Teleports you to the current quest objectivemovetoqt
Gives you every spell in the gamepsb
Completes every quest in the game (literally all of them)caqs

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