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Overwatch 2 Tank Tier List – all tank heroes ranked

The definitive Overwatch 2 TANK RANK just in time for Season 2's release.

Updated: Dec 7, 2022 11:24 am
Overwatch 2 Tank Tier List – all tank heroes ranked

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Everybody loves a tier list, and everybody loves a tank! They carry the team through a tight spot, they’ll burst through the enemy lines, and guard the payload as if their lives depending on it. They’re like the big brother on the playground; a metaphorical and literal shield of armour. Overwatch 2 has plenty of em’, and today is all about getting them ranked.

In light of Season 2’s release, and the induction of Ramattra into Overwatch’s hall of tanks, we bring you a tier list of all the tanks in Overwatch 2.

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Overwatch 2 tank changes

This new game has brought with it new characters, game modes, cosmetics and more. One of the biggest changes however, and one that directly effects tank players is the switch from a 6v6 to a 5v5, with each team dropping from two tanks down to one.

We’re certain this has meant a big change to the meta. No more off-tank. Previously, the role of a tank was delegated between two players, and whilst one could rush enemy teams and cause havoc, another could defend friendlies. This means that tanks will have to adapt now to fulfil both of these roles, or rather, one tank will have to defend entirely, and attack when necessary.

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Overwatch 2 Tank Tier list

This is our official tier list tanking. Disclaimer: None of these picks are bad, or to be shamed in usage, some are just more useful than others. Whilst we try and appreciate the merit of each tank on its own, we have to take into account the transfer to 5v5, and how that effects playing with each character.

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  • Reinhardt
  • Orisa
  • Ramattra


  • Winston
  • D.va
  • Zarya
  • Roadhog


  • Junker Queen
  • Wrecking Ball
  • Sigma
  • Doomfist


Doomfist isn’t a bad pick by any means, but he suffers greatly from his roots as a DPS hero. In the single tank meta, a tank will have to eat a lot of damage for the team, whilst also disrupting the enemy without taking a knee.

Simply put, Doomfist has a knack for disrupting enemies, and his abilities mean he can do so quickly, but if it were not for his Power Block, he wouldn’t be helpful at all. At least the PB ability allows him to suck up a bit of damage and gain some shields, adding to his usefulness as a tank.

He’s smaller, and his is health pool much much smaller, which would be no problem if there was two tanks. Unfortunately, despite Doomfist’s newest buff, he just doesn’t quite cut the cheese for us as it stands right now.


Whilst Sigma is a great, well-rounded tank who seems to do everything (which is what the new meta demands), there are plenty other tanks who do everything, but better. If you are after a more traditional feel of a tank, one that sits there and absorbs a lot of damage, while slowly taking space through utility, Sigma is your guy.

With a small 700HP shield that can get quickly overwhelmed, there’s a lot from this side of the tank role that is left to be desired in Sigma. However, his kinetic grasp can help him absorb damage for a few seconds and gain overhealth.

Wrecking Ball

The lil guy is utterly devasting…in the right hands. Wrecking Ball is similar to Doomfist in that he thrives in disruption; he just does it much better than Doomfist as a disruptor and a tank. The kit is also much better, with a higher HP and with two ways to gain overhealth with the Adaptive Shield, Wrecking Ball is a great tank.

What lets him down – in spite of the great Ultimate and machine guns – is his unwieldiness. We’d love to sit here and say that the hamster is the new meta, but the grappling hook is rather hard to use, and make him less balanced as one of his main arsenal. If you’re an absolute champ with Wrecking Ball, he’s great. However, the risk/reward factor is just too high.

Junker Queen

Junker Queen rounds off the B-tier as a class-act of a tank, and a versatile answer to Overwatch 2’s 5v5 meta as the first new character in Season 1. In the right scenarios, Junker Queen is very formidable. If she can consistently get up into the enemy’s face, she can sustain herself with her bleed effects and secure kills with her shotgun and Carnage ability.

However, Junker Queen falters when it comes time to looking after the team. Her Commanding Shout is the only way for her to mitigate damage, and has a long cooldown after being heavily nerfed from her Beta. This, paired with a lack of options to deal with ranged heroes does not maker her very useful. However, she is ridiculously fun to play.


Roadhog seems to be one of those tanks that has been able to benefit and adapt to the 5v5 change the most. Paired with being an excellent complement to Kiriko, who is still broken in Season 2, Roadhog is no joke. Kiriko’s ability to cleanse effects like Ana’s anti-healing helps one of Roadhog’s biggest weaknesses.

While considered an off-tank previously, a bump to his health pool has made him quite difficult to deal with, and his Take A Breather now heals him for an enormous 350 health. Plus, he has massive damage reduction while doing it. Saying this, he is a rather selfish tank, and will provide no protection to his team.


Zayra sticks to her guns in Overwatch 2 and remains an attack-centric tank. That being said, with the addition of some new kit, that has slightly changed. Zarya now has the ability to either give herself or a teammate a bubble shield to protect themselves. She holds two of these at a time. When hit these can absorb firepower to charge up weapon power charge for increased damage.

These bubbles are great for mitigating damage and add to her case as a well-rounded tank in Overwatch 2. However, her focus still remains very greatly on offence, meaning her defence, all bar the bubble is cast aside almost.


There’s a very good arguement to suggest that D.va is one of the strongest tanks at the moment. This is mostly a result of her versatility, a great attribute in the single-tank meta. She can dive an enemy one moment and then return to protect her team the next. Add on top of that, she has amazing sustain with her Ultimate giving her a second wind with potential to kill. 

She can output very good damage, she has more health than ever, and three seconds of Defense Matrix meaning she can eat a lot of punishment. This make D.Va very well placed in the higher end of the A-tier, but her high skill ceiling makes completing all this hard.


Whilst Winston is only at the top of A-tier, lots of people would consider him to be their favourite, and it’s clear to see why. This is the strongest he’s been in years. Dive, a composition type utilising high-mobility heroes to jump into the backline to take out key heroes quickly, is very strong. If you master this style, which he can be attributed to, you will win games.

His new alt-fire lends him some long-range poke potential and can be combined with his dive landing to deliver a near-lethal one-two punch. However, he’s a tad vulnerable without his shield, and without players to build around him, he doesn’t slot in as easily as the S-tier picks.


At the very bottom of the S-tier is a very new hero indeed. Officially released on the 6th of December, and available at Tier 45 of the Battle Pass, Ramattra has an exceptional start. Ramattra is a tank with two options to suit your style of play, perfect for the 5v5. Firstly, in Omnic mode, you can stay back and guard your team whilst dealing poke damage. Second, enter Nemesis mode and rush head long into the frey and meet the enemy face to face.

He’s got a strong poke and excellent options in close quarters, he feels strong and has a generous 1000HP barrier to protect his team. There’s some large radius omnidirectional attacks in his arsenal too, and with his Ultimate, Annihilation, a push from the enemy team will be easy to defend.


Reinhardt is somewhat of a household name in the Overwatch community. Returning in Overwatch 2, the original shield tank is as great as ever. This is due to his unmatched ability to mitigate damage. His shield health of 1200 is very high and it regenerates relatively quickly when put away. It’s wide too, so he can cover most of his team or the objective he is trying to hold.

You’ll have to be aggressive, due to his mainly melee based weaponry with the exception of Fire Strike. This means poking in the new meta might be tough with his cooldown. However, if you play your cards right, you can close the distance with his charge. Reinhardt can do his fair share of damage too, but he’s not our top pick.


Orisa has had the comeback to end all comebacks. She’s truly made a name for herself now as unkillable on the battlefield. She’s just a character you’ll have to come up against to know her real strength; seeing how quick she can pressure, and how easily she tanks damage, it’s no wonder she’s at this spot on this list.

Her Javelin Spin lets her negate incoming enemy fire and damage, including melee attacks, whilst also pushing enemies back. Her Fortify gives bonus health, reduces the amount of damage taken, and she can’t be staggered at all. Orisa takes our top spot; she’s fierce, robust, pressuring and has some great overhaul in Overwatch 2, making her perfectly suited for the 5v5.

So, there you have it, our list is completed.

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