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Path of Exile Siege of the Atlas unique items revealed – so far

Here is a quick look at the upcoming Path of Exile uniques in Siege of the Atlas

Updated: Jan 24, 2022 6:02 pm
Path of Exile Siege of the Atlas unique items revealed – so far

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Grinding Gear Games is on the marketing hype for its upcoming new Path of Exile season, Siege of the Atlas. On January 27, GGG will reveal the latest season of PoE, and will showcase what to expect the following week when the season launches. However, to tease us, they have revealed some of the upcoming content that we can get our hands-on. The content features some PoE 3.17 uniques, including new items and some that are getting reworks. Below, we will list the items that you can expect coming to the game and those getting a change in the upcoming patch.

PoE Siege of the Atlas unique items

As it stands, GGG has revealed three items that we can expect from the game. Three of the uniques include a jewel, an amulet, and a reworked weapon.

POE Melding Jewel of the Flesh

A new cobalt jewel is coming to the game. This new item is unique and limited to 1, which ads -76% resistance to all elements in the game. In addition, elemental resistance is limited by your highest maximum elemental resistance instead. 

For the full reveal of the Melding Jewel of the Flesh, we have provided the teaser that GGG published on their Twitter page.

POE Crystallised Omnisciencee Onyx Amulet

This new amulet in POE offers players the chance to get an additional 12 points for all attributes. Meanwhile, the item adds modifiers to Omniscience, whatever that means. Not to mention it adds +15 to elemental resistances per 10 omniscience, along with 1% penetrate and attribute requirements satisfied by 23% of Omniscience. 

This item reads like a great scaling item. However, Omniscience is not known yet. It could be a great scaling item for intellect since the definition of Omniscience is all-knowing. But we’ll have to wait and see.

POE Dancing Dervish rework

It seems that PoE’s Dancing Dervish is getting a rework as part of the Siege of the Atlas unique updates. The Dancing Dervish now features a lot of stats, including information on weapon range, APS, Crit, damage, and of course, the additional stats. The most interesting part about the weapon is the new Manifest Dancing Dervish mechanic. The weapon seems to trigger an effect at level 15 Dancing Dervish, which disables both weapon slots but has an effect called Rampage. It seems like the weapon is something that players who want o use their weapon as a primary damage tool, going on some dance of death spree. How it works in-game, though the actual mechanic remains to be seen.

This is a reminder that these are only a snippet of what to expect from the PoE Siege of the Atlas uniques and other changes. For more information, remember to tune in for the Siege of the Atlas reveal stream on January 27.

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