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What are and how to do Challenges in Pikmin Bloom

Send your Pikmin to go beat up the local fauna

Updated: Apr 21, 2022 3:19 pm
What are and how to do Challenges in Pikmin Bloom

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Hitting level 15 in Pikmin Bloom can be a bit of a chore, as you have to physically walk around until you get there, but if you’re like me and actually enjoying the game, you might find that the unlockable Challenges will come around sooner than you think.

We’re just about a week or so into Pikmin Bloom and people will start hitting Level 15 soon enough, so what are the Challenges, how to do them and is there any benefit to sending your Pikmin off for them?

What are Pikmin Bloom Challenges?

pikminbloom challenge 2

Pikmin Bloom’s challenges are kind of like Expeditions, in that they live in the menu above everything else and you can deal with them once they’re discovered on your map.

The downside to sending Pikmin out on Challenges is that you’ll need to wait a whole day after to send them again, as they’ll be “tired” from working so hard.

Pikmin that have more hearts from your bond will do a better job, but also sending the maximum amount of Pikmin will also affect the score.

You’re timed on doing these Challenges and recruiting friends or the general public to help take down a big Mushroom in the war effect on local fauna will increase the star rating by decreasing your time on it. So far, no one around me is either of the levels to participate or even around in general, so I’ve had Pikmin gone for around 6 hours or so.

How do I take Pikmin Bloom Challenges?

Simple! Head into where the Expeditions are and the menu will be right there for you to use! It’ll display its health and how much you’ve whittled away, as well as who is involved with the current effort! You’ll choose a team and then send them off like any other expedition.

What rewards do I get from Pikmin Bloom Challenges?

The rewards are random, but you’ll always get a postcard of where they’ve been. I’ve been given back plums and other fruit, as well as getting full hearts from the Pikmin involved, tipping a lot over the edge into getting me additional gifts!

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