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How to send Pikmin off on Bloom Expeditions

Make the most of those cute little Pikmin and send them off to gather resources for you

Updated: Nov 30, 2021 2:29 pm
How to send Pikmin off on Bloom Expeditions

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If you, like us, have been getting super attached to your little Pikmin buddies and can’t stop playing Pikmin Bloom, then you’ll be wanting to know how to get the most out of the AR game and gain as many resources as possible.

This is where Expeditions come in. Through expeditions, you are able to send Pikmin out to certain locations where they will collect fruit or Seedlings and bring them back to you, without you having to move a muscle! It’s best to do this when you’re not travelling about, as the further away you are, the longer your Pikmin will take to get back to you.

How to get Expeditions in Pikmin Bloom

Expeditions can only be accessed once you have reached level 6 in Pikmin Bloom. If you are struggling to find Expeditions, this may be the simple reason you’re not seeing them. If you’re still not there yet, keep completing challenges and you’ll level up in no time.

How to complete Pikmin Bloom Expeditions

Once you’re at level 6, you’ll become eligible to send Pikmin off on Expeditions and completing an expedition will even be one of your steps to leveling up further.

As soon as you are able to complete Expeditions, you will find the Expeditions tab has been added to your menu. Access this menu by clicking on the map on your home page.


This menu is then where you access your Pikmin, your Seedlings and, crucially, your Expeditions. Through Expeditions, you can collect Fruit and Seedlings, with Seedlings taking longer to fetch. In your Expedition list, you can see quite clearly which item you will receive from an Expedition, where it is, and how long it will take. You can either choose the Pikmin to send manually, or let the game select for you. But don’t forget these Pikmin will no longer be around while they’re off on their adventure.

hot to send pikmin bloom expeditions

Once the timer on the Expedition has passed, your Pikmin will return with you, carrying the item they have gathered. Simply click the item, and you will gather the item up and relieve the Pikmin of their load. You may also receive a Postcard at this point, a fun selfie of the Pikmin at their destination, which you can even then send to friends.

send pikmin on expedition

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