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How many Pokemon are in Pokemon Legends Arceus?

How big is the Hisui Pokedex? Smaller than you might have expected!

Updated: Jan 27, 2022 2:34 pm
how many pokemon in arceus

In the most recent addition to the Pokemon franchise, Pokemon Legends Arceus takes to the Switch with a series of new Pokemon, new adventures and new events to partake in. Pokemon fans all over will be wanting to try this new game out, see whether it satisfies the inner-Pokemon adoring child within them or if it’s maybe just a tad too repetitive after all these years.

As with all the other Pokemon games, players are encouraged to ‘Catch em all. Each game features the famous Pokedex, a device in which to record every gritty detail of every Pokemon. Well the first ever Pokedex was actually created in Hisui, the region we step into in Legends Arceus. Although Hisui is abundant in Pokemon, it’s not got all of them. Instead, there are a certain amount of Pokemon in the Hisui region. In fact, there’s a total of 242 Pokemon in Legends Arceus. Meaning capturing all of them is a lot more viable than when you’re expected to catch 700 in one game. You can find the full list of Pokemon featured in Legends Arceus here.

This smaller Pokedex might be disappointing to some, who were hoping to see some of their favourites, only to find that they were missing from the game. At the very least, having a smaller pool of Pokemon to catch means it’s going to be a lot less harder to fill out that Pokedex.

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