Pokémon Unite Blastoise Build Guide, Tips And Tricks

Sadly, we can’t tell you how to unlock Squirtle Squad sunglasses.

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Blastoise first appeared in the 1996 game Pokémon Red and Green (released after another QA and pixel art pass as Pokémon Red and Blue outside of Japan) and quickly became a fan favourite. It’s not hard to see why, as the final evolution of starter pokemon Squirtle gives off a powerful impression with his chunky build and dual water cannons on his back that can dish out powerful hydro pumps.

In Pokémon Unite, Snorlax is an Intermediate Difficulty monster, with high endurance but below average stats in most other areas. Blastoise can use his skills to move the enemy wherever he wants them to be. He’s good at putting out damage and with a good teammate the enemy will struggle to escape from combat encounters he’s involved in.

If you want to know how Blastoise is compared to the other monsters in Pokémon Unite, you can find out here.


Recommended Pokémon Unite Blastoise Build: Hydro Spin

We think Blastoise players should typically stay in one lane and support a teammate that can put out higher damage numbers until at least around Level 7.

The moves you should eventually be taking are Rapid Spin and Water Spout, but at the start of the match you’ll want to get Skull Bash and then Water Gun. You can use those moves to push people into your goal zone and get cheeky kills that should get you ahead of the competition in experience points.

If you use Rapid Spin, you’ll reset the cooldown of Water Spout and can use it a second time. This will let you slow your enemies and put out large amounts of AoE damage quickly, so use that to your advantage.

Water Spout can be used while Rapid Spin is active. If you do that, you’ll spray water around you and generally move quicker too. You can also dish out regular attacks while using Water Spout, so maximise both your speed and damage outputs by doing that.

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Pokémon Unite Blastoise Build Tips — Battle Items

Eject Button

Using the Eject Button lets you teleport forward. Blastoise should be using it to close gaps and attack weak foes or as an escape tool to get out of tricky situations as he can be fairly slow. Make sure you use it only when necessary, as it has a pretty long cooldown.


Pokémon Unite Blastoise Build Tips — Held Items

Buddy Barrier

If you equip the Buddy Barrier, Blastoise and the nearest ally with the lowest HP will both get damage absorbing shields that should make them a little bit more likely to survive in a fight.

Muscle Band

The Muscle Band increases a Pokemon’s attack stat depending on the HP of its opponent. Basic attacks, Skull Bash and Rapid Spin will increase in power against bigger, tankier foes like Snorlax and Blissey.

Wise Glasses

The Wise Glasses increase the damage of any and all special attacks by up to 7%. Any Blastoise attacks that use water (Water Spout, Water Gun, even Hydro Pump if you go off guide for some reason) will benefit from equipping this item.


Pokémon Unite is currently available for free on Nintendo Switch. A release on smartphones has also been announced and is set to release on September 22, 2021.

What do you think? Do you build Blastoise like this? Is there another Pokémon Unite Blastoise Build for the Shellfish Pokémon that you prefer? Let us know below.