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Pokémon Unite Zeraora Build Guide, Tips and Tricks

Gonna build the very best, like no one ever was ...

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The mythical Pokémon Zeraora was created to be the monster star of Pokémon the Movie: The Power of Us, following in the steps of fan favourite Pokémon like Mewtwo and Lucario as one of those creatures that are a little something extra rare and special to encourage Pokémon masters of all ages to come and see the film. It has since made two anime appearances, with it’s striking and somewhat angular yellow, black and blue design proving to be popular with audiences that appreciate pocket monsters around the world. 

Unlike Ash Ketchum’s best friend Pikachu, Zeraora cannot create electricity and instead stores and emits currents from the blue pads in it’s paws. It can use these pads to create and control magnetic currents that allow it to move at unprecedented speeds. In the Pokémon Ultra Sun & Moon and Pokémon Sword & Shield, Zeraora is the only Pokémon that can learn the powerful physical move Plasma Fists. In the world of Pokémon the creature is so rare that some trainers and professors do not believe it exists at all. It cannot be caught naturally in any mainline Pokémon game and has only ever been given out via a promotional Mystery Gift code, or been made available as part of Max Raid multiplayer content for a limited time.

Within Pokémon Unite, Zeraora is an Expert Difficulty character that focuses on getting in, doing immense amounts of damage with it’s attacks and then getting back out of the fray to recover its health before diving in again. It is a Melee Speedster that has high Offense and Mobility stats. 

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Recommended Build: Discharge Switch

Zeraora needs to get ahead of the enemy team to be most effective, which means that he’s often best off going to the middle area to fight wild Pokémon before he’s needed for bigger team fights. That said, in the early game Zeraora is wildly powerful, so this strategy also allows for him to be a deadly surprise when he’s leveled up a little and he comes out for a gank in either lane. 

We suggest in terms of level up moves that you choose Volt Switch and Discharge

Volt Switch lets the mythical yellow Pokémon dash in and out of battle, while Discharge releases a fearsome energy attack in all directions —even while running away!

Zeraora 2


Battle Item

Eject Button

Acquired at Trainer Level 11, The Eject Button is the Pokémon Unite equivalent of a Blink Dagger in DOTA2. It allows its Pokémon user to immediately travel a distance in only seconds, which can help Zeraora close gaps or get away from tough situations. Be careful how you use it though, as it has a long cooldown — 55 seconds! That’s almost a tenth of a standard match. 

Held Items

Muscle Band

Increasing not only your attack stat but your overall attack speed, the Muscle Band also provides a damage boost of up to 3% of your opponents HP. This means it’s as effective against tanks like Snorlax as it is against ranged assassins like Pikachu

Float Stone

Generally increasing movement speeds and providing decent bonuses to it’s holder’s attack stat, the Float Stone is an item that any good Zeraora can’t do without. 

Scope Lens

The Scope Lens increases critical hit rate and overall critical hit damage, based on the attack stat of the Pokemon holding it. This means it stacks with the previously mentioned Muscle Band and Float Stone to make sure Zeraora can defeat the team’s enemies even quicker.


What do you think? Do you build Zeraora like this? Is there another Pokémon Unite Zeraora Build  for the mythical yellow monster that you prefer? Let us know below.

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