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All Alolan Gen 7 Pokémon missing from Pokémon GO

Which Pokémon could be coming to Pokémon GO’s Season of Alola?

Updated: Jun 7, 2022 11:29 am
All Alolan Gen 7 Pokémon missing from Pokémon GO

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March 1, 2022, marks the start of the Season of Alola in Pokémon GO. With this new season comes a bunch of Pokémon never seen before in the mobile game. So which Pokémon could be coming to Pokémon GO this Summer? Here’s a list of all Alolan Pokémon from Pokémon Sun and Moon’s Gen VII that we could see in Pokémon GO’s Season of Alola.

All Alolan Gen 7 Pokémon

If you’ve played the Pokémon Sun and Moon and Ultra games or watched the Ultra Adventures anime, chances are you’ll be familiar with some of the Gen 7 Pokémon on their way to Pokémon GO in the Season of Alola. It’s likely to be some time before we see all of them, as Pokémon GO is still missing sprites from Gen III and above, but we’ve still listed them all below, including Ultra, Mythical and Legendary Pokémon.

Pokémon GO Gen 7 starters and evolutions

PokémonTypeEvolutionIn Pokémon GO?
#722 Rowlet
Grass/Flying25 Rowlet CandiesYes
#723 Dartrix
Grass/Flying100 Rowlet CandiesYes
#724 Decidueye
Grass/GhostNo further evolutionYes
#725 Litten
Fire25 Litten Candies Yes
#726 Torracat
Fire100 Litten Candies Yes
#727 Incineroar
Fire/DarkNo further Candies Yes
#728 Popplio
Water25 Popplio Candies Yes
#729 Brionne
Water100 Popplio Candies Yes
#730 Primarina
Water/FairyNo further evolution Yes

Other Gen 7 Pokémon

PokémonTypeEvolutionIn Pokémon GO?Species-specific guides
#731 Pikipek
Normal/Flying25 Pikipek Candies Yes Shiny Pikipek
#732 Trumbeak
Normal/Flying100 Pikipek Candies Yes Shiny Trumbeak
#733 Toucannon
Normal/FlyingNo further evolution Yes Shiny Toucannon
#734 Yungoos
Normal50 Yungoos Candies Yes Can Yungoos be shiny?
#735 Gumshoos
NormalNo further evolution Yes Can Gumshoos be shiny?
#736 Grubbin
#737 Charjabug
Bug/Electric Unknown No
#738 Vikavolt
Bug/Electric No further evolution No
#739 Crabrawler
Fighting Unknown No
#740 Crabominable
Fighting/Ice No further evolution No
#741 Oricorio
Fire/FlyingNo further evolutionYesCan Oricorio be shiny?

All Oricorio forms
#742 Cutiefly
Bug/Fairy Unknown No
#743 Ribombee
Bug/FairyNo further evolution No
#744 Rockruff
Rock50 Rockruff Candies during day (Midday Lycanroc)
50 Rockruff Candies during night (Midnight Lycanroc)
YesCan Rockruff be shiny?
#745 Lycanroc
RockNo further evolutionYesCan Lycanroc be shiny?
#746 Wishiwashi
WaterUnknown No
#747 Mareanie
Poison/Water Unknown No
#748 Toxapex
Poison/WaterNo further evolution No
#749 Mudbray
Ground Unknown No
#750 Mudsdale
GroundNo further evolution No
#751 Dewpider
Water/Bug Unknown YesPokémon GO Water Festival 2022
#752 Araquanid
Water/BugNo further evolution YesPokémon GO Water Festival 2022
#753 Fomantis
Grass50 Fomantis Candies during the dayYesFomantis makes its debut

Can Fomantis be shiny?
#754 Lurantis
GrassNo further evolutionYesCan Lurantis be shiny?
#755 Morelull
Grass/Fairy Unknown No
#756 Shiinotic
Grass/FairyNo further evolution No
#757 Salandit
Poison/Fire50 Salandit CandiesYes
#758 Salazzle
Poison/FireNo further evolutionYes
#759 Stufful
Normal/Fighting400 Stufful CandiesYesStufful Community Day

Community Day meetups April 2022
#760 Bewear
Normal/FightingNo further evolution Yes
#761 Bounsweet
Grass Unknown No
#762 Steenee
Grass Unknown No
#763 Tsareena
GrassNo further evolution No
#764 Comfey
FairyNo evolutionYes (Only in Hawaii)
#765 Oranguru
Normal/PsychicNo evolution YesSustainability Week
#766 Passimian
FightingNo evolution No
#767 Wimpod
Bug/Water Unknown YesPokémon TCG Crossover
#768 Golisopod
Bug/WaterNo further evolution YesPokémon TCG Crossover
#769 Sandygast
Ghost/Ground Unknown No
#770 Palossand
Ghost/GroundNo further evolution No
#771 Pyukumuku
WaterNo evolution No
#772 Type: Null
Normal Unknown No
#773 Silvally
NormalNo further evolution No
#774 Minior
Rock/Flying Unknown No
#775 Komala
NormalNo evolution No
#776 Turtonator
Fire/DragonNo evolution No
#777 Togedemaru
Electric/SteelNo evolution No
#778 Mimikyu
Ghost/FairyNo evolution No
#779 Bruxish
Water/PsychicNo evolution No
#780 Drampa
Normal/DragonNo evolution No
#781 Dhelmise
Ghost/Grass No evolution No
#782 Jangmo-o
Dragon25 Jangmo-o Candies Yes
#783 Hakamo-o
Dragon/Fighting100 Jangmo-o CandiesYes
#784 Kommo-o
Dragon/FightingNo further evolutionYes

All Gen 7 Legendary and Mythical Pokémon

PokémonTypeEvolutionIn Pokémon GO?Species-specific guides
#785 Tapu Koko
Electric/FairyNo evolutionYesBest Tapu Koko counters
#786 Tapu Lele
Psychic/Fairy No evolution YesBest Tapu Lele counters
#787 Tapu Bulu
Grass/Fairy No evolution YesBest Tapu Bulu counters
#788 Tapu Fini
Water/Fairy No evolution Yes
#789 Cosmog
#790 Cosmoem
PsychicUnknown No
#791 Solgaleo
Psychic/SteelNo further evolution No
#792 Lunala
Psychic/GhostNo evolution No
#800 Necrozma
Psychic No evolution No
#801 Magearna
Steel/Fairy No evolution No
#802 Marshadow
Fightin/Ghost No evolution No
#807 Zeraora
Electric No evolution No

All Gen 7 Ultra Beasts Pokémon

Ultra Beasts were a new type of Pokémon introduced in Pokémon Sun and Moon. How they will be incorporated in Pokémon GO remains to be seen, but they will likely be among the last Gen 7 Pokémon to be rolled out to the mobile game.

PokémonTypeEvolutionIn Pokémon GO?Species-specific guides
#793 Nihilego
Rock/PoisonNo evolution On its way!Ultra Beasts teased for Pokémon GO
#794 Buzzwole
Bug/FightingNo evolution No
#795 Pheromosa
Bug/FightingNo evolution No
#796 Xurkitree
ElectricNo evolution No
#797 Celesteela
Steel/FlyingNo evolution No
#798 Kartana
Grass/SteelNo evolution No
#799 Guzzlord
Dark/DragonNo evolution No
#803 Poipole
PoisonUnknown No
#804 Naganadel
Poison/DragonNo further evolution No
#805 Stakataka
Rock/SteelNo evolution No
#806 Blacephalon
Fire/GhostNo evolution No

Gen 7 was the first and only generation to include Ultra Beasts, so this will be a new phenomenon to Pokémon GO when they arrive. As such, it could be a while before we see these incredible Pokémon brought into the AR game. Having said that, it would be the perfect research storyline for the Season of Alola, so you never know!

All Alolan Pokémon — Regional variants

On top of the 86 Pokémon above, the Alola region also featured regional variants of some existing Pokémon. This was the first time regional variants were introduced to the world of Pokémon (though, technically, not the first to exist in lore). Regional variants are existing Pokémon who have a different type to their original form, usually to do with their environment. They also have a different look to distinguish them from their original form.

PokémonTypeEvolutionIn Pokémon GO?Species-specific guides
#19 Rattata
Alolan Form
Dark/Normal25 Rattata CandiesYes
#20 Raticate
Alolan Form
Dark/NormalNo further evolutionYes
#36 Raichu
Alolan Form
Electric/PsychicNo further evolutionYes
#27 Sandshrew
Alolan Form
Ice/Steel50 Sandshrew CandiesYesCan Sandshrew be shiny?
#28 Sandslash
Alolan Form
Ice/SteelNo further evolutionYesCan Sandslash be shiny?
#37 Vulpix
Alolan Form
Ice50 Vulpix CandiesYesCan Vulpix be shiny?
#38 Ninetales
Alolan Form
Ice/FairyNo further evolutionYesCan Ninetales be shiny?
#50 Diglett
Alolan Form
Ground/Steel50 Diglett CandiesYes
#51 Dugtrio
Alolan Form
Ground/SteelNo further evolutionYes
#52 Meowth
Alolan Form
Dark50 Meowth CandiesYes
#53 Persian
Alolan Form
DarkNo further evolutionYes
#74 Geodude
Alolan Form
Rock/Electric 25 Geodude CandiesYes
#75 Graveler
Alolan Form
Rock/Electric 100 Geodude Candies or TradeYes
#76 Golem
Alolan Form
Rock/ElectricNo further evolutionYes
#88 Grimer
Alolan Form
Poison/Dark50 Grimer CandiesYes
#89 Muk
Alolan Form
Poison/DarkNo further evolutionYes
#103 Exeggutor
Alolan Form
Grass/DragonNo further evolutionYesCan Alolan Exeggutor be shiny?
#105 Marowak
Alolan Form
Fire/GhostNo further evolutionYes
All Gen 7 Alolan Pokémon GO

Finally, Meltan and Melmetal are also considered Gen 7 Pokémon, despite technically being somewhere between Gen 7 and Gen 8. The Mythical Pokémon Meltan and its evolution didn’t appear in the Pokémon Sun and Moon games and were instead introduced in Pokémon GO, before appearing in Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee.

PokémonTypeEvolutionIn Pokémon GO?
#808 Meltan
Steel400 Meltan CandiesYes
#809 Melmetal
SteelNo further evolutionYes

With so many Pokémon to keep track of in Pokémon GO, you might need some help. Consider us your own Pokédex, and take a look at our other full Pokémon GO gen lists.

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