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Pokémon GO Community Day meetups are back for April

Meet up with other like-minded Pokémon GO Trainers

Updated: Apr 8, 2022 11:59 am
Pokémon GO Community Day meetups are back for April

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Pokémon GO’s monthly Community Day event is taking place again this month, and the official in-person meetups that were started in March 2022 are back as well.

Thanks to the success of March’s in-person Community Day meetups, not only are they back for April, but there’s even more of them. In April, more cities across the globe will be participating in the event, so hopefully there’s one near you! And if not, there may be Pokestop boosts in place instead.

April Pokémon GO Community Day

April Pokémon GO Community Day Stufful

April’s Community Day has already caused a stir as it will be the first since before the COVID-19 global pandemic to last only three hours. During the world’s lockdown, Niantic made a number of concessions to help Trainers keep up their Pokémon hunting. Now, it seems, it’s time to get back to normal, as some of these changes get reverted back. However, April’s Community Day is one to look forward to in other ways, with a new Pokémon making its Pokémon GO debut during the event.

Featured Pokémon — Stufful

Stufful is the featured Pokémon in April’s Pokémon GO Community Day. The little Flailing Pokémon resembles a stuffed toy – hence its name – and evolves into the powerful Bewear. Both Stufful and Bewear are part of the Alolan generation VII Pokédex which was released with the Sun and Moon games, so the Community Day is in keeping with the theme of the Season of Alola.

Stufful Community Day Adjustments

As mentioned, the main change occurring during Pokémon GO’s April Community Day is the change of hours. Instead of the usual six-hour event to which we’ve become accustomed, going forward, Community Days will last only three hours.

To counteract this change, there will be additional Bonuses in place during the event that will hopefully soften the blow, including increased Catch Candy, Catch XP and an increased chance of catching XL Stufful Candy.

For the first time, Group Play Bonuses are also being introduced. If enough Pokémon are caught by Trainers near a Pokéstop lure, Catch XP will be further increased for a short time.

For more information on Stufful, as well as the changes and bonuses taking effect during April’s Pokémon GO Community Day, you can read it all in our full Community Day article. Read on here for more information about in-person meetups.

Pokémon GO Community Day meetup locations

So many more locations are taking part in the in-person community day meetups in April that the list is pretty long. The following locations are all the venues hosting in-person meetups in the UK and the US, everywhere else can be found on the Pokémon GO blog post. As with March’s Pokémon GO Community Day, special events will take place in the Asia-Pacific region, the details of which are yet to be announced.

Pokemon GO Comm Day meetup locations April
See the interactive map at Pokemongolive.com

United States

  • Phoenix, AZ — Patriots Park – Cityscape
  • Oakland, CA — Jack London Square
  • Los Angeles, CA — Grand Park
  • Jacksonville, FL — Sandlot
  • Atlanta, GA — Woodruff Park
  • Chicago, IL — Maggie Daley Park
  • Indianapolis, IN— White River State Park
  • Owensboro, KT — Owensboro Convention Center
  • St. Louis, MO — Tower Grove Park
  • New York City, NY — South Seaport District
  • Houston, TX — Discovery Green
  • Dallas, TX — Klyde Warren Park
  • Austin, TX — Republic Square Park
  • Seattle, WA— Seattle Center
  • Washington DC, WA — The Wharf

United Kingdom

  • Bristol — Cabot Site B
  • Cardiff — Churchill Way
  • Edinburgh — Castle Street – Shopping Area
  • Liverpool — Paradise Place
  • London — Southbank – Riverside slice
  • London — Westfield London
  • London — Westfield Stratford City

Boosted PokéStop locations

Pokemon GO Community Day Boosted Pokéstop locations

If there’s no venue near you, fear not! Niantic has gone even further with April’s Community Day by introducing boosted Pokéstops. All this means is that players will receive more items every time they spin a Pokéstop in boosted locations, so you should never run out of Pokéballs. Again, you can see a full list of locations with boosted Pokéstops on the Pokémon GO blog post.

When is Community Day taking place in April?

Community Day and the in-person meetups are taking place on Saturday April 23, 2022, between 2pm and 5pm local time. You can evolve Stufful into Bewear for the event-exclusive move Drain Punch, and make the most of one extra Special Trade, until 7pm local time.

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